O D___
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O D orange-arrow_Gran Torino
O D orange-arrow_Play Misty for Me

O D___Fan Sites
O D___Clint Eastwood.net
O D___The Dirtiest
O D___Film in America -Location details
O D___Dirty Harry’s Place, ‘a conservative look at film, punk’

O D___Introductions etc
O D___Celebratory article from Empire magazine supplement on Greatest Crime Films
O D___Long article on production process from Cinema Retro magazine
O D___Little article from MovieMaker magazine, including interview with Scorpio actor
O D___Chapter about production & reception etc from book on crime films
O D___Jokey article from Total Film magazine about 1970s action heroes like Harry
O D___Long, detailed summary & commentary from Film Site website
O D___Mad analysis of how plot fits “the hero’s journey” structure, from scriptwriting website
O D___Analysis of opening sequence by London college teacher, from his Dangerous Visions blog

O D___Short Review & Comment
O D___Chicago Sun Times -Roger Ebert 1971
O D___Harvard Crimson, University newspaper 1972
O D___Jump Cut journal 1977
O D___Velvet Light Trap journal -Douglas Kellner
O D___Senses of Cinema website 2000
O D___Senses of Cinema website 2004
O D___Images journal
O D___Village Voice -J Hoberman
O D___Prospect magazine -Mark Cousins
O D___First of the Month website -on racism
O D___Scanners -on the politics of torture
O D___Counterpunch website -on torture
O D___Scope -Nottingham University journal
O D___Edinburgh University Film Society website
O D___DVD Savant website
O D___Reverse Shot website -on European audiences
O D___Rio Rancho, witty review from wonderfully named website
O D___William Friedkin, from Guardian interview, on 1970s cop films
O D___American Cinema in the 1970s book
O D___Detecting Men, book on crime films
O D___Shots in the Mirror, book on crime films
O D___Crime Films: Investigating the Scene book
O D___Film Noir book
O D___Detours & Lost Highways, film noir book