O D___
O D___
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O D___Introductory
O D___IMDb
O D___Globo Films City of God website
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Plot summary from Globo Films official website
O D___Dialogue script from Scriptorama website
O D___Extract from book on gangster films
O D___Worksheet from Film Education, with very basic notes & questions
O D___Helpful article for AL FS students from Media Magazine
O D___Article from teacher’s magazine In the Picture
O D___US college teacher’s thoughtful reflections on watching the film for the tenth time, from his website
O D___Thorough, detailed notes on Havering College blog, Brianair
O D___Worksheet (originally a 20pp booklet) from Wilberforce College in Hull, shared on Media Film Exchange website
O D___Section of Welling School AL FS blog, The Noodle, listing links to useful material
O D___Powerpoint from course for London “gifted & talented” school students
O D___Notes & questions from Literature & film degree course at Minnesota State University
O D___Short Powerpoint for A2 FS, shared on Scribd website by someone called Pierette 1
O D___Superb 60-slide Powerpoint on representation of Rio favelas in City of God & other films-
O D___not sure where this came from; apologies to its hard-working maker!

O D___Production Details
O D___Long, detailed account by Fernando Meirelles from Several Voices book
O D___Article from New York Times
O D___Article from Washington Post
O D___News item about Hollywood stars backing the film, from Zap2It website

O D___Reviews
O D___Guardian -Peter Bradshaw
O D___Observer -Philip French
O D___Independent -Jonathan Romney
O D___Daily Telegraph
O D___Channel 4
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert
O D___New York Magazine
O D___LA Weekly
O D___American Prospect
O D___Spectator -University of Winsconsin
O D___The Ithacan
O D___Manila Times
O D___Sight & Sound -Paul Julian Smith
O D___Premiere
O D___Empire
O D___Total Film
O D___Reverse Shot
O D___Close-Up Film
O D___IGN Film Force
O D___DVD Town
O D___Cinephilia
O D___Kamera
O D___Film Freak Central
O D___JG Cinema
O D___Pop Matters
O D___Culture Wars
O D___Slate
O D___File 13
O D___Sinlechuga
O D___Strange Conversation
O D___Goodfella’s Movie Blog
O D___High Sign
O D___Off Off Off
O D___Black Film
O D___Latino Review
O D___Mundo Afro Latino
O D___US Council on Foreign Relations
O D___Political Film Society
O D___World Socialist Website
O D___Louis Proyect
O D___Rotten Tomatoes -150 more reviews
O D___Metacritic -30 more reviews
O D___MRQE -180 more reviews

O D___Interviews & Interview Articles
O D___Globo Films City of God website
O D___Observer
O D___Independent
O D___Daily Telegraph
O D___Washington Post
O D___San Francisco Bay Guardian
O D___Arizona Republic
O D___Montreal Mirror
O D___iAfrica
O D___Empire
O D___Hollywood Reporter
O D___IGN Film Force
O D___Hollywood Lit Sales
O D___Movie Maker
O D___Script Factory
O D___Movie City News -FM on Oscars
O D___Landmark Theatres -FM on mid-life crisis
O D___Nitrate Online
O D___IndieWire
O D___Salon
O D___Slant
O D___Zap2It
O D___Globo Films City of God website -Katia Lund
O D___Guardian -Katia Lund
O D___Projections -Katia Lund
O D___Brazilian News -Katia Lund
O D___Guardian -FM on Katia Lund
O D___LA Times -FM & Katia Lund
O D___Interview magazine -Katia Lund & actors
O D___Black Film -Writer Paulo Lins & Katia Lund
O D___Globo Films City of God website -Paulo Lins
O D___Channel 4 -Editor Daniel Rezende
O D___Guardian -Producer Walter Salles

O D___More Advanced Academic Writing
O D___Review article from Sight & Sound magazine
O D___Essay on issues v style, from Identity Theory blog
O D___Chapter on Brazilian cinema from book on world cinema with short discussion of issues v style
O D___Short discussion from Brazilian cinema book
O D___Chapter on book & film, from another Brazilian cinema book
O D___Chapter on City of God from book on youth culture in world cinema
O D___Essay on violence in the film, from Canadian university magazine Cinephile
O D___Article on masculinity in the film, from Australian Journal of Latin American Studies
O D___Essay on race & masculinity in the film, from Texas university journal Text Practice Performance
O D___Slightly different version of this essay, from Brazilian university journal Sociedade & Cultura
O D___Short extract on how the favela is represented, from essay on cities in film in Geography journal GBER
O D___Short essay relating the film to the theory of Third Cinema, from US university student’s blog Filmed Life
O D___Discussion of the favelas & how the film represents them, from US Marxist website Workplace
O D___Long essay, very sharp but almost unreadably difficult in places, from Lancaster University Sociology dept
O D___Article from New Cinemas journal, comparing City of God with Pulp Fiction, Amelie & Chungking Express
O D___Article from Mute magazine about “slumsploitation” in City of God & other recent films
O D___Article from Bombastic Element blog, comparing slumsploitation in City of God & Slumdog Millionaire
O D___Chapter on City of God & Life-Course Theories, from Criminology Goes to the Movies book

O D___Video & Audio
O D___Whole film streamed on Novamov website
O D___Interview with Fernando Meirelles from BBC Radio 4
O D___Sound on Sight radio programme about Fernando Meirelles films
O D___City of God favella resident Ricardo talks to BBC World Service radio
O D___Short video of Fernando Meirelles introducing London Film Festival screening, from BBC website
O D___Report about Rio favellas, background to the film’s Oscar nomination, from US NPR radio
O D___Brazilian Tourist Board advert, on YouTube
O D___2000 trailers, clips, remixes etc on YouTube