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lime-arrow D __Michael Haneke
O D___Formal bibliography version of this page

O D___Dialogue Transcript
O D___Cineuropa -film industry view, with short interviews etc
O D___American Cinematographer -production details

O D___Paris October 1961
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Stiff Little Fingers song on YouTube
O D___We Are All Children of Algeria -interactive website

O D___MH Interviews
O D___Positif -reprinted in MH Contemporary Directors book
O D___Cineaste
O D___Observer
O D___Cineuropa
O D___Bright Lights
O D___Sign & Sight
O D___Gerald Peary
O D___Austrian Film Commission

O D___Review Aggregators
O D___Metacritic -links to 37 reviews
O D___MRQE -links to 150 reviews
O D___Rotten Tomatoes -links to 150 reviews
O D___Cutting on the Action -annotated links, including reviews

O D___Reviews & Shorter Articles
O D___Guardian -Peter Bradshaw
O D___Guardian -Mark Lawson
O D___Observer-Philip French
O D___New York Times
O D___New Republic magazine
O D___Waxx magazine
O D___Modern Mask journal
O D___Cineaste magazine
O D___CineAction magazine
O D___Jump Cut journal
O D___Film Comment magazine
O D___Film Quarterly magazine
O D___ArtForum magazine -Robin Wood
O D___Reverse Shot website
O D___Jeremy Wheate website
O D___World Socialist Web Site -sceptical
O D___Culture Snob blog -unsympathetic analysis
O D___Precious Bodily Fluids blog -one sentence
O D___Urban Geography blog -Paris middle class
O D___Celluloid Wicker Man blog -VHS aesthetics
O D___We Are All Children of Algeria website
O D___Spectator -California university journal -immigration
O D___Experimental Conversations journal -surveillance & haunting
O D___Senses of Cinema journal -article on MH films including Hidden
O D___Studies in European Cinema journal -two paragraphs on Hidden
O D___Only entry on Great scenes blog -confrontation with Majid’s son

O D___Forum Discussion
O D___The Left Behinds 1
O D___The Left Behinds 2
O D___MUBI -180 contributions

O D___Heavy Journal Articles etc
O D___Nordicom -intrusion
O D___Cinephile -suicide scene
O D___Cinemas -staged realism
O D___Wide Screen -the secret image
O D___Media Culture -suspicious readings
O D___New Formations -postcolonial guilt
O D___Text Matters -the hidden gaze of the other
O D___Bright Lights -repression & abjection
O D___Cultural Formations -ideas from Deleuze
O D___Screening the Past -ideas from Stanley Cavell
O D___Film Philosophy -ideas from John Locke
O D___CineAction -bourgeois self-reflection
O D___Post Script -objectivity
O D___Post Script -anamorphosis
O D___Istanbul University journal -audience research
O D___Tony McKibbin -Edinburgh University teacher -ambiguity
O D___Visual Studies -visual competence
O D___Modern Austrian Literature -surveillance
O D___Modern & Contemporary France -trauma
O D___Studies in French Cinema -children
O D___Studies in French Cinema -surveillance
O D___Studies in French Cinema -off screen space
O D___Journal for Cultural Research -Paris & racism
O D___Framework -Comparison with Bennys Video
O D___Cinema Journal -past & current French racism
O D___Interventions -postcolonialist comparison with Greek film
O D___Film International -acting
O D___Studies in European Cinema -two paragraphs on Hidden
O D___Inter-Disciplinary.Net -conference paper -surveillance
O D___Inter-Disciplinary.Net -conference paper -villainy
O D___MIT Media in Transition conference paper -Pais immigrants
O D___Cultural Studies conference paper -colonialism

O D___Screen Journal Dossier
O D___Introduction
O D___Word of Mouth -Mark Cousins
O D___Shooting Crabs -Paul Gilroy
O D___Bringing Terror Home
O D___Empire Strikes Back
O D___Blind Spot
O D___Rue Morgue
O D___Trauma

O D___Books
O D___BFI Film Classics -Ch1
O D___On Michael Haneke
O D___MH Contemporary Directors
O D___Companion to MH -Origins
O D___Companion to MH -Tapes
O D___Companion to MH -music
O D___Fascinatingly Disturbing
O D___Films of MH -Metro Cinema Ottowa
O D___Unraveling French Cinema
O D___European Cinema After 1989
O D___Valences of Interdisciplinarity

O D___People Studying
D___Media Magazine -introduction for AL students
O D___Splice -introduction for AL FS teachers
O D___Film Education National Schools Film Week Powerpoint
O D___A2 FS Urban Stories handouts on City & Islington College blog
O D___Amusingly hostile reaction by A2 student on his FS blog
O D___IB lesson notes from St Georges College Buenos Aires FS website
O D___Worksheet from York University Ontario FS course website
O D___Discussion questions from Istanbul University teachers website
O D___Discussion questions by someone called Jonholl, shared on Scribd
O D___Cutting on the Action blog -ace annotated links list & commentary

O D___Duke University USA Film 101 Student Blogs
O D___Most include comments from classmates
O D___Shayna
O D___Michael
O D___Katrinah
O D___Vikram
O D___Rachel
O D___Charlie
O D___Sarah
O D___Jacob
O D___Laura
O D___Tyler
O D___Annie
O D___Anne
O D___Bel
O D___JL

O D___Student Essays etc
O D___Exeter University student, on his Cultural Zeitgeist blog -realism
O D___Amsterdam University student, on his Like a Fellini Movie blog -mediation
O D___Pennsylvania University English BA student -postcolonialism & the stranger
O D___Pennsylvania University student -award winning essay in Film International journal
O D___Duke University USA English BA student -ideas from Lyotard & Foucault
O D___Boston University student -colonialism & guilt
O D___Thailand university student -spectator positioning
O D___Finland university student -leaking narratives
O D___Sheffield Hallam University student, in their Enquiry journal -narrative & themes
O D___Warwick University student, in their Constellations journal -truth & lies
O D___Warwick University students PhD on time & film style, including chapter on Hidden
O D___Miami University students MA thesis on visual perception in HIdden
O D___California University students PhD on Algerian war films & books, including chapter on Hidden
O D___California University students PhD on geopolitics in European films, including chapter on Hidden

O D___Dissertations
O D___Nilgun Bayraktar: Moving Images Against the Current -PhD Dissertation University of California Berkeley 2011
O D___Matthew Croombs: An Opposition in Search of Itself –PhD Thesis Carleton University Ottawa 2013
O D___Anjo-Mari Gouws: Being Towards Death -MA Dissertation University of Pretoria 2012
O D___Kerry Polley: Ceci N’est Pas un Film –MA Thesis Miami University Ohio 2009
O D___Murdoch Jennings: Michael Haneke’s Cache: A Zizekian Reading -BA Essay University of the Sunshine Coast 2014
O D___Margi MacMurdo-Reading: The Spectacle & the Witness -PhD Thesis Otago University NZ 2013
O D___Alex Lykidis: In a State of Exception -PhD Dissertation University of Southern California 2009
O D___Simon Mussell: Constellations of Adornian Theory & Film –DPhil Thesis Sussex University 2011
O D___Jonathan Navey: Nasrratives on the Watch -MA Thesis Ohio University 2014
O D___Michael Pigot: Time & Film Style -PhD Thesis Warwick University 2009
O D___Christine Lisa Quinan: Remembering Bodies -PhD Dissertation University of California Berkeley 2010
O D___Sourav Roychowdhury: Cinema 4.5 -PhD Dissertation University of Southern California 2010
O D___Adam Wyatt Tate: The Children Are Always Watching -MA Thesis University of Texas 2011
O D___John Arlington Woodward: Imagined Cinemas -PhD Dissertation Florida State University 2009

O D___YouTube Videos
O D___Exeter University lecture by Dan North, via his Spectacular Attractions blog -50 mins
O D___Roundtable discussion at Philoctetes Centre NY, starring five eminent MH experts -90 mins
O D___MH on violence, including Hidden, from Cine-Fills website -2 mins