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O dk-blue-arrow__Ali Fear Eats the Soul_
O dk-blue-arrow__Far From Heaven

O D___Books
O D___World Cinema Dialogues -Chapter on AHA, AFES & FFH
O D___Theorising Desire -Chapter on AHA, AFES & FFH
O D___America on Film
O D___Close Viewings

O D___Journals
O D___Laura Mulvey -Fassbinder & Sirk -Spare Rib 1974 Reprinted in Visual & Other Pleasures
O D___Cinema Journal -Politics in AHA, AFES & FFH -Salome Skvirsky
O D___Cinema Journal -Architecture in AHA & Bigger than Life
O D___Image & Narrative -Baroque mannerism in AHA & FFH
O D___Cineaste 2014

O D___People Studying
O D___Program Notes for screening at University of Texas 1977
O D___Ideology essay by KCL student
O D___Essay on AHA, AFES & FFH by Pennsylvania University student
O D___Chapter on AHA, AFES & FFH from Salome Skvirsky’s Pittsburgh University PhD

O D___Precious Bodily Fluids blog
O D___All That Pastiche Allows -Catherine Grants AHA & FFH video on Vimeo
O D___All That Heaven Will Allow -Bruce Springsteen classic