O D___Pasted Graphic

O dk-red-___All that Heaven Allows
O dk-red-___Far From Heaven

O D___Books
O D___Film Analysis
O D___Routledge Encyclopedia of Film
O D___World Cinema Dialogues -Chapter on AHA, AFES & FFH
O D___Theorising Desire -Chapter on AHA, AFES & FFH
O D___Companion to Fassbinder -Chapter on AFES
O D___Directory of World Cinema -Chapter on immigrant films
O D___From Self-Fulfilment to Survival of Fittest
O D___Unlikely Couples

O D___Journals
O D___Laura Mulvey -Fassbinder & Sirk -Spare Rib 1974 Reprinted in Visual & Other Pleasures
O D___Cinema Journal -Politics in AHA, AFES & FFH -Salome Skvirsky

O D___People Studying
O D___Notes by Roy Stafford from a Melodrama course for AL students
O D___Essay on AHA, AFES & FFH by Pennsylvania University student
O D___Chapter on AHA, AFES & FFH from Salome Skvirsky’s Pittsburgh University PhD

O D___Video
O D___Todd Haynes introducing AFES from Criterion DVD & website