O D___Pasted Graphic

O dk-red-__ Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
O dk-red-__ We Are The Lambeth Boys
O dk-red-__ Room at the Top
O dk-red-__ Peeping Tom

O D___British Cinema of the 1960s by Wendy Hewing -BFI 2003
O D___Cover
O D___1. Historical Background
O D___2. Cultural Background
O D___3. Producers & Audiences
O D___4. Textual Analysis
O D___5. Style
O D___6. Representation
O D___7. Narrative
O D___Plot Summaries
O D___Questions
O D___Bibliography
O D___Teachers Notes

O D___Study guide booklet by Wendy Hewing from BFI teachers conference 1998
O D___Article on teaching British cinema by Wendy Hewing from ITP magazine

O D___Style & Narrative Codes ITP Film Reader 2
O D___Space Place Spectacle -Andrew Higson Screen 1984
O D___Landscape & Stories -Terry Lovell Screen 1990
O D___Social Problems New Waves chapter -Social Realism book

O D___AL FS Exam New Waves
O D___A2 exam questions 2002-14
O D___Example exam answer 2007 (25 out of 30)
O D___Example exam answer 2007 (28 out of 30)
O D___Example exam answer 2012 (29 out of 35)
O D___Elstree UTC school AL FS blog
O D___Collingwood College MS & FS blog
O D___Someones A2 FS Hong Kong New Wave site
O D___Collingham School MS & FS blog -the only good one here
O D___Handout from Halesowen College
O D___Article by Halesowen College A2 FS student from Media Magazine
O D___Notes by Jill Poppy from BFI teachers conference 2003