O D___
Pasted Graphic
O D___21 GRAMS

O D___Production
O D___Universal Focus Features company website, includes basic information & video clips
O D___Dialogue transcript from Script-o-rama website
O D___Interview with writer Guillermo Arriaga from The Script Factory website
O D___Article from American Cinematographer magazine, mostly discussing technical details

O D___Reviews
O D___Review by Paul Julian Smith from Sight & Sound
O D___Review from Word Magazine
O D___Review from Culture Wars website
O D___Review from Salon.com website

O D___Journals etc
O D___Excellent article by Geoff King from Film Studies journal, discussing industry, narrative & style

O D___People Studying
O D___Worksheet from Christian website Culturewatch
O D___Bridgwater student’s A2 FS coursework on three AGI films
O D___Narrative analysis, including chronological list, from New Zealand scriptwriting student’s ace MA thesis
O D___Short extract discussing 21 Grams as melodrama & film noir from Canadian student’s MA thesis on non-linear films