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O D___

O D___Complete film on Daily Motion website, dubbed in Italian with French subtitles
O D___Trailer on YouTube, with French subtitles
O D___Extracts on YouTube, with Spanish subtitles
O D___Down by the River scene on YouTube
O D___Shots from film misused to illustrate Jake Thackray song, on YouTube
O D___BFI Screenonline
O D___Sight & Sound 1971
O D___Seven Days 1972 -Ken Loach & Tony Garnett interview
O D___Socialist Worker 1972 -Peter Sedgwick
O D___US Press Kit 1972
O D___US advertising flier 1972
O D___Village Voice -Molly Haskell 1972
O D___Variety 1971
O D___NY Saturday Review 1972
O D___Detroit News 1973
O D___Film Quarterly 1973
O D___Jump Cut 1976
O D___Cinema Talk blog
O D___Glasgow students Le Miroir blog
O D___Racket Racket website Glasgow
O D___So It Goes blog
O D___Critikat French website
O D___Conference paper abstract from Portsmouth University 1970s Project
O D___Facebook for Glasgow screening 2014
O D___Half page from Alan Bennett autobiography
O D___BFI poster jigsaw £25

O D___In Two Minds
O D___Complete play on YouTube
O D___BFI Screenonline
O D___2 pages of script from BFI archives
O D___Startrader website
O D___British TV Drama book

O D___Sanity Madness & the Family
O D___Radical Philosophy -Trevor Pateman 1972
O D___RDL section of Psychoanalysis & Feminism by Juliet Mitchell 1974
O D___Lecture notes from UCE Birmingham university 2004
O D___History of Psychiatry journal 2014
O D___Hilary Mantel -Guardian 2008
O D___Hilary Mantel -Existential Analysis journal 2015
O D___RD Laing Goes to the Movies -book chapter