O D___Pasted Graphic 2

O D___BFI Screenonline -biography etc
O D___European Graduate School -biography, photos, links etc
O D___Zeitgeist Films 2005 retrospective press booklet
O D___Museum of Modern Art NY 2013 exhibition booklet

O D___Interviews
O D___BFI Monthly Film Bulletin -Chris Petit 1986

O D___Street of Crocodiles 1986
O D___BFI Monthly Film Bulletin -Peter Greenaway
O D___BFI Monthly Film Bulletin review
O D___Senses of Cinema
O D___Chapter in Animated Worlds book originally published in Enter Text journal -Suzanne Buchan

O D___Institute Benjamenta 1995
O D___Sight & Sound -Jonathan Romney
O D___Animation World Magazine -Suzanne Buchan
O D___German Quarterly

O D___Piano Tuner of Eathquakes 2006
O D___American Cinematographer
O D___Modern Painters journal -Jonathan Romney

O D___Sight & Sound -Jonathan Romney 1992
O D___Film Quarterly -Suzanne Buchan 1998
O D___The Artifice

O D___People Studying
O D___Johannesburg university students thesis 2014