O D___Pasted Graphic

O orange-arrow___Dardenne Brothers

O D___DB Interviews
O D___Village Voice

O D___Reviews
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Bright Lights -Thomas Austin
O D___Chicago Reader -Jonathan Rosenbaum
O D___Village Voice Film Guide -Jim Hoberman
O D___Film Journal International
O D___Patheos -Rosetta & Wolf of Wall Street
O D___Barton Finks
O D___AV Club

O D___Journals etc
O D___When Bodies Collide -Senses of Cinema
O D___Journal of Religion & Film -Bert Cardullo
O D___Stones & Roses -Hudson Review (& In Search of Cinema book) -Bert Cardullo
O D___Pollitics of Friendship & Paternity -Eun-Jee Park -Studies in French Cinema
O D___Social Solidarity from La Grande Illusion to Rosetta -SubStance
O D___Social Realism of Body Language -French Review
O D___Dignity & Physical Drama in The Promise & Rosetta -PopMatters
O D___French Film & Work -Martin O’Shaughnessy -Framework
O D___Weariness, Waiting & Art Cinemas Tired Bodies -Discourse
O D___Anxiety, Memory & Place in Beligian Cinema, The Promise & Rosetta -Yale French Studies
O D___Noise of People & Image of Art -Jacques Ranciere -Cahiers de Cinema, trans Diagonal Thoughts
O D___Critique of Ranciere article at After 1968 conference
O D___Representations of Women in Contemporary French Cinema -Phil Powrie -L’Esprit Createur
O D___Journal of Religion Film & Media -Gender & self in 2D1N & Rosetta
O D___Where Many Lives are Like Sad Movie Lines -Bloomberg Businessweek

O D___Lauren Berlant
O D___Post-Fordist Affect in The Promise & Rosetta -Public Culture
O D___Post-Fordist Affect in The Promise & Rosetta -Cruel Optimism book
O D___Summary & questions from Arizona University course blog
O D___Students notes from Indiana University course blog

O D___Books
O D___Contemporary Film Directors -Joseph Mai
O D___Directors Cuts -Philip Mosley
O D___European Directors & their Films -Bert Cardullo
O D___Cinema of the Low Countries
O D___Arts Teachings, Teachings Art -3pp
O D___From Self-Fulfilment to Survival of the Fittest -half page

O D___People Studying
O D___Undesirable & Placeless Rosetta & Sweet 16 -conference paper by Roger Bromley
O D___Precarity Work & Affect in Rosetta & Its a Free World -paper from California University research group
O D___Newcastle University PhD on absent fathers in recent French film, inc Rosetta -Eun-Jee Park
O D___Touching Boundaries -from Amsterdam University PhD in Film Krant journal
O D___Film Thinking in Rosetta & Mouchette essay