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O D_dk-red--2 Hyperlink Films

O D___
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Plot summary from Wikipedia
O D___Dialogue transcript from Script-o-rama website

O D___Interviews
O D___Distributor’s publicity press kit, with quotes from director, scriptwriter, cast & crew
O D___Press kit quotes reprinted on Urban Cinefile website
O D___Interview with director Alejandro Guillermo Inarritu from Sight & Sound magazine
O D___AGI interview article from US magazine Venice
O D___AGI Interview from Filmmaker magazine
O D___AGI interview article from The Guardian
O D___Article on ‘Structure & Character’ by scriptwriter Guillermo Arriaga from US magazine Script
O D___Guillermo Arriaga interview from The Scotsman
O D___Video of BAFTA lecture by Guillermo Arriaga

O D___Analysis & Discussion
O D___Pup Fiction review article from Sight & Sound magazine
O D___Little article from Vertigo film magazine on Amores Perros & Code Unknown
O D___Review article from Commonweal magazine on Amores Perros & Memento
O D___Article on representation of masculinity from Wide Screen journal
O D___Article on representation of masculinity from Florida university journal Hispanet
O D___Essay on monstrous masculinity in AP & another film, from Forum for Inter-American Research journal
O D___Edited extract from this monstrous masculinity essay
O D___Article on representation of Mexico City from Irish journal Film & Film Culture
O D___Long, difficult but very good essay on violence & politics from the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies
O D___Very difficult theoretical article on globalisation & three recent Mexican films, from Rupkatha Journal
O D___Old fashioned literary essay on tragedy & melodrama from The Film Journal
O D___Blog article about the dog fight scenes, censorship & the BBFC, on Film4 website
O D___Discussion on Ktismatics blog

O D___Reviews
O D___Sight & Sound -Jose Arroyo
O D___Sight & Sound -Edward Lawrenson
O D___Guardian
O D___Observer
O D___Daily Telegraph
O D___Time magazine
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert
O D___San Francisco Bay Guardian
O D___San Francisco Chronicle
O D___San Francisco Weekly
O D___Village Voice New York
O D___Time Out New York
O D___Variety -US industry magazine
O D___World Socialist Web Site
O D___Kamera
O D___Film Monthly
O D___Senses of Cinema
O D___Plume Noire
O D___A Sharper Focus -Norman N Holland
O D___Harvey’s Movie Reviews -misguided review by Dublin university teacher
O D___Counting Down the Zeros -retrospective 2009 review, finding some weaknesses

O D___Extracts from Books
O D___Latin American cinema book
O D___Latin American films book
O D___Another Latin American film book
O D___Book on Latin American literature & culture
O D___Book on Mexican film
O D___American FS textbook
O D___Book on ‘the politics of speed & stasis’
O D___Book on modern Mexican & Spanish film

O D___People Studying Amores Perros
O D___These range from brilliant to fairly awful. Handle with care
O D___Section of website for Cambridge University M.Phil course on violence in Latin American cinema
O D___Powerpoint from Leeds University Spanish course
O D___Essay by Dublin university student on national identity & international appeal
O D___Essay by Minnesota university student on politics, class & commodity
O D___Essays by Houston University students on urban environment -Robert
O D___Essays by Houston University students on urban environment -Othman
O D___Essays by Houston University students on urban environment -Ryan
O D___Canadian university student’s MA thesis on non-linear films
O D___Brief analysis of Amores Perros from this MA thesis
O D___Essay by Florida University student
O D___Brief notes on non-linear structure by Bournemouth University student
O D___Essay on AP & 1950 Bunuel film Los Olvidados from $40 per page ‘essay-writing service’
O D___Essay by student at Los Osos High School California, on his English teacher’s website
O D___University-type essay on film fan’s Facebook page
O D___Worksheet from Australian teacher’s Signis website
O D___Notes by Southampton AL student on her A2 FS blog
O D___Review by London AL student on his A2 MS blog
O D___Bridgwater College student’s ace A2 FS coursework on AGI
O D___Prezi analysis, in French

O D___And Also
O D___Photobooth scenes, from ace website all about, um, photobooths
O D___Little multiple-choice quiz on Flixter website
O D___Sociology-type article about dog-fighting in Notting Hill in Anthropology Matters journal