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O D___Little White Lies
O D___MOMI Reverse Shot
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O D___Hunger v Infotainment -video essay on Vimeo Audiovisualcy
O D___On the Threshold -Chis Darke -Criterion DVD & website
O D___Hunger & other Irish Troubles films -Film Comment
O D___Militancy in Hunger, Che & Public Enemies -Joshua Gooch -Wide Screen
O D___& brief afterthoughts by Joshua Gooch on his blog
O D___Sovereignty & Sacrifice -Angelaki
O D___Flesh Becomes Words -Frieze
O D___Hungry Ghost -Mute

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O D___Skimpy Film Education study guide
O D___Lesson material on Hunger & In the Name of the Father for AS FS on St Andrews School Middlesex blog
O D___Phenomenology & Hunger -Bombay students MA essay on her 24 Times per Sec blog
O D___Hunger section of De Montfort University PhD on British retro films

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