O D___

O leafy-arrow-3___Hyperlink Films

O D___Production & Marketing
O D___Optimum publicity booklet
O D___IFC Films press pack, with cast & crew biographies etc
O D___Cineuropa website feature, with interviews, stills, trailer etc
O D___French distributor’s Gomorrah site, in French
O D___German distributor’s Gomorrah site, in German
O D___Poster designs by London company All City Media, on their website

O D___Matteo Garrone Interviews & Interview Articles
O D___Ambassador magazine
O D___New York Magazine
O D___Hollywood Reporter
O D___Cinema Blend
O D___Film Journal
O D___Film Detail
O D___Vulture
O D___Cineaste
O D___Ion Cinema
O D___LA Weekly
O D___Montreal Mirror
O D___New York Times
O D___In Contention
O D___Light Sensitive
O D___Dazed Digital
O D___Under the Radar
O D___Video of NY Film Festival interview on Bomblog

O D___Reviews
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Empire
O D___Uncut
O D___Variety
O D___Guardian -Peter Bradshaw
O D___Guardian -Clare Longrigg
O D___Observer -Jason Solomons
O D___Observer -Philip French
O D___Sunday Times
O D___Independent
O D___New Statesman
O D___Spectator
O D___Telegraph
O D___London Review of Books
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert
O D___New York Village Voice -J Hoberman
O D___New York Magazine
O D___New York Times
O D___New Yorker
O D___LA Times
O D___Boston Globe
O D___New Republic
O D___Time
O D___Liberty
O D___America -Catholic magazine
O D___Sydney Morning Herald
O D___Time Out Sydney
O D___Time Out London
O D___The Case for Global Film
O D___European Films
O D___Reverse Shot
O D___Left Field Cinema
O D___Scope -Nottingham University
O D___Not Coming to a Cinema Near You
O D___Urban Cinephile
O D___Rope of Silicon
O D___Moviephone
O D___Movie Hamlet
O D___Cinemascope
O D___Cinema Truth
O D___Cinemattraction
O D___Cinema Autopsy
O D___Cinema Echo Chamber
O D___Cinema Without Organs
O D___That’s How the Light Gets In
O D___Lessons of Darkness
O D___Filmmaker Magazine
O D___Out 1 Film Journal
O D___Film Comment
O D___Film Journal
O D___Nth Position
O D___JJ Murphy
O D___Ellipsis
O D___Zuzox
O D___Slate
O D___Pajiba
O D___Kirby Dots
O D___Dear Leader
O D___L’Ecriture Film
O D___Ruthless Culture
O D___The Motley View
O D___The House Next Door
O D___Cerebral Decanting
O D___Pop Matters
O D___Pop Theology
O D___Counterpunch
O D___Undercurrent
O D___Socialist Review
O D___World Socialist Website
O D___Lib Com & Freedom magazine
O D___Links to 150 Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes website
O D___Links to 40 reviews on Metacritic website
O D___Links to 80 reviews on MRQE website

O D___Discussion & Analysis
O D___Whole issue of Little White Lies magazine devoted to Gomorrah
O D___Article from Sight & Sound magazine comparing film & reality
O D___Article from Film International journal
O D___Article from Film Quarterly journal
O D___Two articles from Italian journal Iris
O D___Article from Undercurrents journal
O D___Article from California Italian Studies journal
O D___Article on the book & the film from Fast Capitalism journal
O D___Review, discussing shallow focus & realism, on The Motley View blog
O D___Essay comparing Gomorrah & traditional Italian neo-realism, on The Final Take website
O D___Gomorrah section of article on realism in recent Italian films, from New Readings journal
O D___Article on Gomorrah, hyperlink films & ’risk society’ theory, from Film-Philosophy journal
O D___Chapter by Cambridge University teacher from book on Mafia Films
O D___Article from Wide Screen journal on Matteo Garrone’s earlier films

O D___People Studying
O D___Plot summaries from Wikipedia
O D___Memory Test
O D___North Carolina university student’s MA thesis on Gomorrah & Italian neo-realism
O D___Essay from Supreme Essays Academic Writing Services

O D___The Camorra
O D___Article from The Independent Jan 2012 about Camorra toxic waste-dumping still going on
O D___Photos from this article
O D___
O D___
The Sails
O D___Wikipedia page on The Sails
O D___Ace photos on Private Photojournalism website
O D___Photos taken for French magazine article, on photographer’s website
O D___University of Maryland USA Italian Studies website
O D___Aggregat 456, lovely US architecture website
O D___Grain Edit, US design website, & readers’ comments
O D___Dwell, US design magazine blog
O D___Short documentary on the motherfucking world’s worst housing project, on YouTube
O D___And 200 more YouTube videos