O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___History
leafy-arrow-3 D___Harlan County USA
O D___West Virginia University PhD on Matewan politics 1793-1920 -500 pages!
O D___World Socialist Web Site -10 part article on Social Crisis in Appalachia

O D___Production
O D___Thinking in Pictures The Making of Matewan book by John Sayles
O D___John Sayles, Mary McDonnell & Tom Wright quotes -Paste magazine
O D___David Straithairn & Chris Cooper interview -Cineaste
O D___John Sayles interview -Past Imperfect book
O D___Dialogue script
O D___Script -Joe’s speech
O D___Wikiquote quotes
O D___IMFDb -guns
O D___TV Tropes -narrative conventions
O D___Press adverts

O D___Reviews
O D___LA Times
O D___NY Times
O D___Anti-Type
O D___AV Club
O D___Ferdy on Films
O D___Left Film Review
O D___Not Coming to a Theatre Near You
O D___Thats How the Light Gets In
O D___One Perfect Shot
O D___Paul Mason: Superb movie

O D___Journal Articles
O D___Labor
O D___Jump Cut
O D___International Socialism
O D___Journal of American Ethnic History
O D___Historical Geography -2 paragraphs
O D___Legal Studies Forum -1 page
O D___Excavatio -Women 1 page
O D___Atalante -Acting

O D___Book Chapters
O D___Contemporary Film Directors John Sayles
O D___John Sayles Filmmaker
O D___Sayles Talk -Gender
O D___Sayles Talk -Theo-political landscape
O D___American Independent Cinema -Geoff King
O D___More That a Method
O D___Past Imperfect

O D___Teachers at Work
O D___Lincoln High School Portland Oregon -Lesson plan
O D___Jessamine County Schools Kentucky -Questions
O D___Tacoma Community College Washington -Questions
O D___Kansas Art Institute -Questions
O D___Teach With Movies website -Notes & questions
O D___Ethics in Education website -Notes & questions
O D___Teaching a Peoples History Project website -Notes
O D___Int Journal of Lifelong Education -on teaching film, inc Matewan

O D___
People Studying
O D___Mount Holyoke College -12 students blog essays
O D___East Tennessee State University -essay
O D___Essay Turf -sample essay
O D___Defeating Boredom blog -essay
O D___Case Western Reserve University -PhD on John Sayles chapter on Matewan