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O D___Basics
O D___American Film Institute Catalog -basics
O D___US Library of Congress Film Preservation Board
O D___Dangerous Minds blog -Behind the scenes photos

O D___Original 1972 Reviews
O D___BFI Monthly Film Bulletin
O D___Sight & Sound 1972

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O D___TCM Festival Programme 2012
O D___MOMI Reverse Shot blog -two reviews
O D___More Stars than in the Heavens blog -review
O D___Literature Film Quarterly -Evolution, book, stage & film
O D___Literature Film Quarterly -Genre, stage & screen
O D___Literature Film Quarterly -Using film as a medium
O D___Journal of Film & Video -Women, monsters & the masochistic aesthetic
O D___American Philosophical Society -Dark side of laughter
O D___Cineaste -Editing in Chicago & Cabaret
O D___Criticism -Anti-Fascist aesthetics
O D___Edinburgh University Research Papers -Trans identity in films

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O D___Divine Decadence -half of intro chapter
O D___Constructing Good & Evil -Nazism in Cabaret & Sound of Music
O D___Straight Girls & Queer Guys -Cabaret & Sunday Bloody Sunday

O D___Slavoj Zizek
O D___Cabaret reference in The Perverts Guide to Ideology
O D___Susan Sontags Cabaret lecture at University of Chicago 2008 on Vimeo
O D___Society for US Intellectual History blog -on Cabaret, Zizek & Ernst Bloch

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O D___Film Education worksheet for young History students
O D___Analysis worksheet for GCSE FS from Universal Teacher website
O D___Study guide from Screen Education magazine Australia
O D___Rikkyo University Japan students essay -Sally Bowles as fake femme fatale
O D___Towson University Baltimore students essay on gender & sexuality in Cabaret & Shampoo
O D___Salford University BA English dissertation -Reading Cabaret as a Holocaust film
O D___Stellenbosch University South Africa MA Drama thesis -Editing techniques in adapting play into film
O D___Lyon University MA English thesis -Rupture & continuity in Bob Fosse musicals
O D___Bowling Green State University Ohio PhD dissertation -Utopia & dystopia
O D___Illinois University PhD dissertation -Changing social & industry conventions