O D___
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blue-arrow-3 D___Michael Haneke

O D___Production & Marketing etc
O D___Kino Video pressbook
O D___Trailer & Clips on YouTube
O D___IMDb

O D___Interviews etc
O D___Director’s Statement
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Positif
O D___Storyboarding -from Criterion DVD, on YouTube

O D___Reviews
O D___Guardian
O D___Independent
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Total Film
O D___Film Comment
O D___Film Journal
O D___New Yorker
O D___Time Out
O D___Mute
O D___Kamera
O D___None
O D___Slant
O D___Haro Online
O D___Bibliophonic
O D___Cinema Scene
O D___The AV Club x2
O D___The Life Cinematic
O D___Strictly Film School
O D___Central European Review
O D___Austin Texas Film Society
O D___The Lost Picture Show podcast
O D___Arts & Faith forum
O D___Rotten Tomatoes 40 reviews
O D___Metacritic 13 reviews
O D___MRQE 40 reviews
O D___IMDb

O D___Discussion & Analysis
O D___Pinnland Empire
O D___Dispatches from Zembla
O D___Paelito
O D___Row Three
O D___Stephen Nottingham
O D___Open Democracy -CU & Last Resort
O D___Reverse Shot
O D___Senses of Cinema
O D___Senses of Cinema -book review
O D___Existentialism is a Film -mad diagramatic analysis
O D___Shakespeare on Screen -12th Night in CU
O D___Filmanalytical -video & notes connecting CU with Peeping Tom
O D___Fandor -video comparing acting in CU & Certified Copy
O D___Cutting on the Action -very helpful analysis, discussion & links

O D___Code Unknown Blogathon
O D___Eight academic blog-writers’ contributions to a discussion of the film
O D___The Evening Class -Introduction
O D___Girish -An auto-dialogue on Girish blog
O D___Elusive Lucidity
O D___Drifting
O D___Canses Classeled -little Powerpoint
O D___Long Pauses -the photographs
O D___Like Anna Karina’s Sweater -boulevard scenes etc
O D___Sergio Leone & the Infield Fly Rule -CU & Crash

O D___Journals etc
O D___Cineaste -Leonard Quart -review article
O D___Vertigo -Janet Harbord -CU & Amores Perros
O D___Cinephile -Lisa Coulthard -sound in MH films
O D___Framework -John David Rhodes -long takes & realism
O O___Scope -Temenuga Trifonova -European identity in film
O D___Birmingham Journal for Europe -Aidan Power -cultural composition
O D___Modern & Contemporary France -Carrie Tarr -Africans in Paris films
O D___Alphaville -Vivien Silvey -Paris & Europeanness in CU & Paris Je T’Aime
O D___Spectator -Alex Lykidis -representation of immigrants in recent European film
O D___ICMiC Working Paper -Roger Bromley -Immigration in CU, Lilya 4 Ever & In This World
O D___Interventions -Roger Bromley -CU, Ghosts & cinema of destitution
O D___Angelaki -Robert Sinnerbrink -posthuman moral critique in MH films
O D___Studies in European Cinema -David Sorfa -uneasy domesticity in MH films
O D___Media Culture Social Communication -Janina Falkowska -MH, mourning & melancholia
O D___Canadian Review pot Comparative Lit -Janina Falkowska -cold Europe in MH films
O D___Environment & Planning -Johan Andersson -Metro confrontation scene

O D___Books
O D___Films of MH -Metro Cinema Ottowa
O D___Funny Frames -Oliver Speck -plot summary
O D___MH Contemporary Film Directors -Peter Brunette
O D___Companion to MH & On MH -Brigitte Peucker -Games
O D___Companion to MH -Kevin Stoehr -Perspectivism
O D___Companion to MH -Tom Conley -Tracking CU
O D___MH s Cinema -Ethic of the Image -Catherine Wheatley
O D___Crossing New Europe -Ewa Mazierska & Laura Rascaroli
O D___Lacan & Contemporary Film -1p by Slavoj Zizek
O D___Whose Cosmopolitanism -Jackie Stacey -Uneasy Cosmopolitans
O D___Cosmopolitan Screen -Fatima Naqvi -Politics of Contempt
O D___Lit & Cultural Rehtoric of Victimhood -Fatima Naqvi -Mediated Invisibility
O D___After Kieslowski -Georgina Evans -Kieslowski & MH
O D___European Cinema After 1989 -Luisa Rivi
O D___Evolution of Film -Janet Harbord
O D___Inert Cities -Hugh Campbell -photos

O D___People Studying
O D___AL FS lesson notes c2010
O D___Collection of quotes on the opening, for AL FS
O D___Student essay on Santa Barbara City College California course blog
O D___Student responses on Bluegrass Community College Kentucky course blog
O D___Cinema of Attractions essay by Kingston University student
O D___Essay on CU & JLG film Notre Musique, on mis portfolio website
O D___Study guide for French students from Louisiana Public Broadcasting
O D___Notes on Ecomedia Studies website by Elena Del Rio, & California lecture flier
O D___Powerpoint on Europeanness from Bristol University Reconfigurations conference

O D___Luc Delahaye etc
O D___L’Autre photos selection
O D___Long Pauses blog -LD & the CU photos
O D___Inert Cities book -LD & the CU photos
O D___Artnet -LD career article
O D___Photo Theoria website -course reader on LD
O D___Conscientiousness Extended website -LD interview
O D___Modern & Contemporary France -Photographing the Other
O D___Walker Evans Many Are Called photos & notes
O D___Getty Museum Catalogue Many Are Called section
O D___MUBI Notebook blog -Passengers exhibition by Chris Marker
O D___Bykers Blog -OCA student project
O D___Lenzartis -NY photographers blog
O D___Kevin Schtick Photography -Chicago commuters project

O D___Pasted Graphic 1