O D___

____green-arrow-3 _Hyperlink Films

O D___Complete film on YouTube, dubbed in French without subtitles!
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Plot summary from Wikipedia

O D___Production & Marketing etc
O D___Corazon Official site, in German or English
O D___Publicity pressbook, very nicely designed by distributor The Match Factory
O D___Feature on Cineuropa website, with introduction, interviews & trailer etc
O D___Cannes Film Festival video & photos etc on festival website
O D___Lux Prize details & interview on European Parliament website
O D___Extract from book on Hannah Schygulla

O D___Fatih Akin Interviews
O D___Press Kit
O D___Guardian
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Variety magazine
O D___Filmmaker magazine
O D___Der Spiegel 2007
O D___The L Magazine New York
O D___New York Times
O D___SF360 San Francisco
O D___New City Chicago
O D___Boston Phoenix
O D___LA Weekly
O D___LA Times
O D___Paris Voice
O D___The List Scotland
O D___Daily Star Bangladesh
O D___Cinema Without Borders
O D___Cineuropa
O D___AV Club
O D___Reel Talk
O D___Goethe Institute Indonesia
O D___Deutsche Welle TV website
O D___US NPR radio programme & article
O D___European Stability Initiative

O D___Reviews
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Guardian
O D___Observer
O D___Independent -Jonathan Romney
O D___Independent -Anthony Quinn
O D___Telegraph
O D___Variety
O D___Hollywood Reporter
O D___The Nation
O D___New Yorker
O D___New York Times
O D___Village Voice
O D___Brooklyn Rail
O D___Washington Post
O D___Boston Globe
O D___Boston Review
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert
O D___Indy Week, North Carolina
O D___San Francisco Chronicle
O D___Philadelphia City Paper
O D___Philadelphia Weekly
O D___Gateway Cinephiles blog St Louis
O D___American Muslim website
O D___The List website Edinburgh
O D___ABC Australian TV website
O D___Exclaim website Canada
O D___Daily Film Dose website Canada
O D___Lumiere Reader website New Zealand
O D___Die Zeit via Sign & Sight website
O D___German website Qantara
O D___Cafe Babel website
O D___Music OMH website
O D___Slant Magazine website -3 views
O D___Ruthless Reviews website
O D___Future Movies website
O D___Film Forward website
O D___Pop Matters website
O D___Culturazzi website
O D___Culture Wars website
O D___Europe & Me magazine
O D___Indiewire website
O D___AV Club website
O D___Digital Fix website
O D___Cinescene website
O D___Cineuropa website
O D___Icine blog
O D___Fin de Cinema blog
O D___Art of Film Memory blog
O D___Tativille blog
O D___Out 1 Film Journal blog
O D___Lesbian News magazine
O D___Open Democracy website
O D___Socialist Review website
O D___Louis Proyect Unrepentant Marxist blog
O D___Rightwing Film Geek blog
O D___Studies in World Christianity journal
O D___Christian Century magazine
O D___Thinking Faith website
O D___Spirituality & Practice website
O D___US university teacher’s Mumpsimus blog
O D___Lessons from the School of Inattention blog
O D___Are the Hills Going to March Off blog
O D___That’s How the Light Gets In blog
O D___Dispatches from Zembla blog
O D___Saathi Sanga blog Nepal
O D___Fantom Country blog
O D___Antagony & Ecstasy blog
O D___Nick Lacey on Films blog
O D___Phil on Film blog
O D___Coleman’s Corner blog
O D___Franz Patrick’s Film Archive
O D___All in One Boat blog
O D___Gonna Watch It blog
O D___Filmnomenon blog
O D___Someone’s Letterboxd blog
O D___Abingdon College Film Society Blog
O D___Manchester Cornerhouse cinema handout
O D___St Andrews University newsletter
O D___Ktismatics blog -4 nice shots
O D___Survey of reviews on Twitch website
O D___Same survey on The Evening Class website
O D___Rotten Tomatoes -links to 77 more reviews
O D___Metacritic -links to 26 more reviews
O D___MRQE -links to 90 more reviews

O D___
GFL Journal
O D___Cultural Encounters -Guido Rings
O D___Blurring Boundaries -Guido Rings
O D___Cinema & Migration -Joanne Leal & Klaus-Dieter Rossade
O D___Negotiating -Joanne Leal & Klaus-Dieter Rossade
O D___Sameness & Difference -Gozde Naiboglu
O D___Turkish-German Screen Power -Karin E Yesilada
O D___Violence, Sexuality & Family -Victoria Fincham
O D___Widening Periphery -Vivien Silvey & Roger Hillman
O D___Politics of Space -Barbara Mennel

O D___
New Cinemas Journal
O D___Turkish-German Dialogues -Daniela Berghann
O D___No Place Like Home -Daniela Berghann
O D___On the Streets -Rob Burns
O D___Star Director -Nezih Erdogan

O D___
Other Journals
O D___Criss Crossing -Transit -Barbara Mennel
O D___Not Just Ensemble Films -Forum -Vivien Silvey
O D___Ethical Calculus -Film Comment -Thomas Elsaesser
O D___Intersections -Film Quarterly -Noah Isenberg
O D___Configuring Effect -Cinema Journal -Claudia Breger
O D___Semblance & Difference -Journal of Language Lit & Culture -Kerry Dunne
O D___Weak National Cinema -Studies in European Cinema -Temenuga Trifonova
O D___Rethinking Multiculturalism -Studies in European Cinema -Polona Petek
O D___Monolingualism -German Quarterly -David Gramling
O D___Sound of Heterogeneity -German Studies Review -Berna Gueneli
O D___Turkish-German Cinema Reconsidered -Third Text -Baris Kilicbay
O D___Transnational Memory -Journal of Aesthetics & Culture -John Sundholm
O D___Between Cinema & Social Work -Cultural Anthropology -Katherine Pratt Ewing
O D___Intercultural Encounters -Ethnologia Balkanica -Cagla Karabag
O D___Transnational Movements of Identity -Seismopolite -Keith Hussein
O D___Third Space -Birmingham Journal for Europe -Marissa Munderloh
O D___Tolerance & Hospitality -Journal of Religion & Film -Allan H Redmon
O D___Lesbian Asylum -International Feminist Journal of Politics -Rachel Lewis
O D___Transitional Communities Working Paper -Turkish Delight German Fright -Deniz Gokturk
O D___6 characters in Search of the Other -Yvette Biro -Rouge
O D___Racist rant on right-wing US website Occidental Observer
O D___New Kind of Creative Energy -German Life & Letters -Petra Fachinger

O D___Book Chapters
O D___Review of EH & other immigrant films from Directory of World Cinema website & book
O D___German Cinema Book -Beyond Paternalism -Deniz Gokturk
O D___Spaces in European Cinema -Turkish Women on German Streets -Deniz Gokturk
O D___Mapping the Margins & Mediated Identities -Turkish Delight German Fright -Deniz Gokturk
O D___Turkish German Cinema in New Millennium -World Cinema Goes Digital -Deniz Gokturk
O D___Just Images -Politics Multiculturalism & Ethical Turn -Thomas Elsaesser
O D___European Film Theory -Real Location Fantasy Space -Thomas Elsaesser
O D___New Directions in German Cinema -Diasporic Optic -Daniella Berghann
O D___Far-Flung Families -Daniela Berghahn
O D___Postcolonial Film -Identity & Politics of Space -Vuslat Demikoparan
O D___Transnational Migration -Three Transnationals -Thomas Faist et all
O D___Europe & Transcultural Existence -Multiculturalism v Transculturality Maria Pilar Rodriguez
O D___Europeans In Between -Turkish Diaspora in Germany -Olesya Dronyak
O D___Europeans in Between -Mapping In-Betweenness -Lora Markova
O D___Europe & Its Others -Transnationalism -Roger Hillman
O D___Aesthetic Practices & Politics -From Alien Nation to Alienation -Tessa C Lee
O D___Companion to German Cinema -FAs Homecomngs -Savas Arslan
O D___German Pop Culture -Hollywood in Altona -Gerd Germunden
O D___A Different Germany -FAs Take on Turkish German Cinema -Anette Guse
O D___Collapse of the Conventional -Introduction -Jaimey Fisher & Brad Prager
O D___Melodrama in Contemporary Film & TV -Anticipating Home -Michael Stewart
O D___Disjointed Perspectives on Motherhood -Childless Motherhood -Oana M Chivoiu
O D___Transnational Family -Reconceptualising Motherhood -Umut Erel
O D___Exile Through a Gendered Lens -Souls in Transit -Gesa Zinn
O D___Cinematic Journeys -Demetris Eleftheriotis
O D___Altman & After -Parallel Paths -Peter F Parshall

O D___
O D___Network Films -Australian National University -Vivien Silvey
O D___Longing & Belonging in EH -Hong Kong University MA -Rebecca Chalk
O D___Cinematic Uncanny -Florida University MA -Meghan Elizabeth O’Dea
O D___Turkish German Identity -North Carolina University MA -Sarah Thomsen-Vierra
O D___Essentialism to Hybridity -Bowling Green University MA -Courtney Elizabeth Johnson
O D___Germans & Use of Language -Georgia University MA -Jason B Whittiers
O D___Turkish German Multiculturalism -California State University MA -Peggy Colleen Stricker
O D___Neoliberalism & Border Crossing -Otago University NZ MA -Kevin Fletcher
O D___Turkish Family Photos -Bikent University Turkey MA -Pelin Artemiz
O D___FAs Visions of Europe -Texas University PhD -Berna Gueneli
O D___Europeanisation & Heimatfilm -Pittsburgh University PhD -Yvonne Franke
O D___Turkish German Recognition -Colorado University PhD -Petra Landfester
O D___Beyond In-Between -Michigan University PhD -Adile Esen
O D___Border Consciousness -Rutgers University NJ -Kathleen J Sclafani
O D___Imagining Home -Rutgers University NJ -Federica Franze
O D___Aesthetics & Geopolitics of Mobility -Berkeley California University PhD -Nilgun Bayraktar
O D___Europe Identity & Transnational -Florida University PhD -John Arrington Woodward
O D___Female Turkish German Characters -Macquarie University Sydney PhD -Michelle Robertson
O D___Ethics & Aesthetics of Change -Manchester University PhD -Gozde Naiboglu
O D___Diasporic Cinema -Royal Holloway PhD -Ayca Tunc
O D___European Other -Birkbeck PhD -Kamil Jan Zapasnik

O D___
More People Studying
O D___Good essay on transnationalism in EH on Intakes blog
O D___Short essay on Turkish stereotypes on Les Nuits Masquees blog
O D___Essay on EH by Exeter PhD student & now teacher Jamie Thraves, from his abandoned blog
O D___Discussion of coincidence & melodrama by Edinburgh University teacher Tony McKibbin
O D___Essay on transnational border crossing from Minnesota University student journal
O D___Essay on Context & mis en scene by Ithaca College NY student
O D___Long essay on music from Macquarie University Sydney
O D___Long MA essay on music from NY University
O D___Long essay on uncanny homes from Baskent University Turkey
O D__ MA essay on FA as international figure by Courtney C Johnson Arizona University
O D___MA essay on EH & Exils by Carleton University Ottowa student on her Curnblog
O D___EH reviews by California University Berkeley students on course blog
O D___Questions & responses by Brown University students on course blog
O D___IMISCOE conference paper on FA films by two Italian PhD students
O D___Lecture on post-national German Studies from Rutgers University NJ
O D___Working Paper on studying FA biographically from Max Planck Institute Germany
O D___Conference paper on creative space in FA films from Istanbul Symposium on Electronic Art
O D___Washington University research on audience attitudes to bilingualism -conference Powerpoint
O D___Free except from essay on Anti Essays essays-for-sale website
O D___Prezi by 3 students on transcultural European cinema
O D___Someone elses Prezi on EH & transnationalism
O D___Goethe Institute Brussels study guide -in German
O D___Vision Kino study guide -in German
O D___