O D___

O D___Video
O D___Complete film in 12 parts on YouTube
O D___Several hundred clips, remixes & tributes etc on YouTube

O D___Mathieu Kassovitz Interviews
O D___Independent 1995
O D___Paul Emersonn 1995
O D___Projections journal 1999
O D___Thing Review -NY magazine 1996
O D___Guardian 2001

O D___Reviews
O D___Good survey of reviews from Shooting Down Pictures blog 2007
O D___Sight & Sound -Chris Darke 1995
O D___New Statesman -Jonathan Romney 1995
O D___Living Marxism magazine 1995
O D___PopMatters 1995
O D___Stanford University 1997
O D___Slate 2005
O D___Cineaste 2007
O D___Reverse Shot 2007
O D___Film International 2008

O D___York Notes on LH
O D___Extracts from excellent little book for AL students by Roy Stafford, sadly long out of print
O D___Introduction on Mathieu Kassovitz, the French film industry, & the production, distribution & reception of LH
O D___Description & brief discussion of two scenes -on the estate & at the art gallery
O D___Camerawork & editing
O D___Sound & music
O D___Narrative structiure & characterisation
O D___Genre & other influences
O D___Comparison with other films
O D___Social issues: the banlieues, racism, unemployment, policing
O D___Representation of social issues: race, gender, media, US culture

O D___Basic
O D___Old lesson notes on style v social realism in LH
O D___Film Education worksheet
O D___Film Education LH & Youth Films worksheet
O D___BFI The World in the Movies Citizenship worksheet
O D___Study guide booklet from Irish Fresh Film Festival
O D___Study guide in French from Cornerhouse Cinema Manchester
O D___Long, probably very good dossier pedagogique from France
O D___Brief analysis of Grunwalski & ‘You Looking at Me?’ scenes from French Cinema: A Student’s Guide book
O D___Powerpoint on LH for AL FS students doing Power, Poverty & Conflict as exam topic, found on Scribd website
O D___Powerpoint from Kings College London University, mostly in French
O D___Good little study booklet for AL students from Wilberforce College Hull
O D___IB FS student’s coursework script comparing LH & other French & British social realism films
O D___Five old analysis essays by AL FS students, found on Scribd website

O D___Longer, More Detailed & Advanced Discussion
O D___Notes on LH & the banlieues from Sunderland University French course, written 1998 but still helpful
O D___Chapter from book on European cinema
O D___Chapter from book on French film
O D___Chapter from book on banlieue films
O D___Chapter from book on Matthieu Kassovitz
O D___Chapter on LH from book on French Cinema
O D___Essay by Ginette Vincendeau for US Criterion DVD
O D___Discussion of plot, mise en scene, camerawork & editing from book on realism
O D___Article on banlieue films from Sight & Sound
O D___University student essay on LH & French national identity
O D___University student essay on LH & neo-realism
O D___US student essay on representation of the banlieues in LH, from Helium website
O D___Student essay on Arab youth in LH & other films, from Florida University journal
O D___Sociology essay on LH & the banlieues from Toronto University student journal Camera Stylo
O D___Ace essay on LH & ‘urban outcasts’ from Canadian radical Geography journal ACME
O D___London University student’s dissertation on representation of race in LH, Bend It Like Beckham & German film Head On
O D___Washington University student’s dissertation on representation of French North Africans in LH & other films
O D___Essay on representation of ‘monstrousness’ in LH, from US conference
O D___Difficult article on ‘Cosmotrash’ films from Canadian university journal Cinephile
O D___Difficult theoretical essay on ‘spatial practices’ in LH, from Siyahi Interlocal journal
O D___Very long, difficult essay on LH & Menace II Society, from US journal Camera Obscura
O D___Article on ‘Hip-Hop Culture & Banlieue Cinema’ from US Journal of Popular Culture
O D___Chapter on rap music & black identity in France, from a book wittily titled The Vinyl Ain’t Final

O D___Language Issues
O D___Extract from script translated into funky English, very different from DVD subtitles, from book of recent French fiction
O D___Article on subtitling banlieue slang in LH, by Nottingham university teacher, from MHRA journal
O D___Article on subtitling banlieue slang in LH & other films, from Canadian university journal Cinephile
O D___Advanced linguistics essay on the ‘Verlan’ slang used in LH