O D___

O D___Complete film, in 12 parts, on Daily Motion website
O D___Complete film in 13 parts on YouTube
O D___Cool multimedia ‘recomposition’
O D___Script

O D___Basics
O D___IMDb
O D___Wikipedia

O D___People Studying
O D___1975 US study guide by Robert Stam
O D___Another little study guide
O D___Notes from course on war films at Adelaide University
O D___Study questions from Philosophy course at California State University
O D___Someone else’s discussion questions, shared on DocStoc website
O D___Notes by Southampton A2 FS student, on her blog
O D___Little essay on historical context by Irish university student
O D___Essay on ‘disguised subjective narrative’ by California university student

O D___Review Articles
O D___Guardian, production details article
O D___Guardian, by Peter Bradshaw
O D___Guardian, by Derek Malcolm
O D___Guardian, by Ian Jack
O D___Washington Post
O D___New York Magazine
O D___LA Times
O D___Bright Lights Film Journal
O D___Times Higher Education

O D___Longer & More Advanced
O D___Interesting detailed, illustrated analysis from POV journal
O D___Handout from NY State University, with lengthy extracts from books etc
O D___Long essay on the representation of the French army & revolutionary politics by British historian Hugh Roberts
O D___Article on American Historical association website
O D___Conference paper discussing the film as ‘moral history’
O D___Essay on ‘the futility of the war on terror’ by Florida university law lecturer
O D___Conference paper on the globalisation of terror, discussing Battle of Algiers & Alien v Predator
O D___Conference paper on women & the casbah in Battle of Algiers & 1937 French crime film Pepe Le Moko
O D___Essay from Wide Screen journal on postcolonialism in Battle of Algiers & Cuban film Memories of Underdevelopment
O D___Essay from Feministing website on women & revolutionary violence in Battle of Algiers & Inglourious Basterds

O D___Special Edition of Interventions Journal 2007
O D___Battle of Algiers, censorship & the ‘memory wars’
O D___The illegitimate legitimacy of Battle of Algiers in French film culture
O D___The representation of women in Battle of Algiers
O D___Algerian women ‘in between in Battle of Algiers & Living in Paradise
O D___Italians in Algiers: Making Battle of Algiers
O D___Pontecorvo’s ‘documentary’ aesthetics

O D___Battle of Algiers 40 years on
O D___Interview with actor, producer & FLN leader Saadi Yacef

O D___Gillo Pontecorvo
O D___Article about ‘Marxist poet’ Pontecorvo’s films, from US Monthly Review website
O D___Article about Pontecorvo films from English universities journal The Italianist
O D___Article about Pontecorvo films from Media Education Journal
O D___Interview from World Socialist Website
O D___Interview from Interventions journal
O D___Interview on Gerald Peary’s Blog
O D___Obituary from The Independent

O D___Battles of Algiers & Iraq
O D___Common Dreams website
O D___New York Times
O D___Slate website
O D___Big Hollywood -rabid right wing website