O D___
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O D___Lesson Notes
O D___Ten Ideas
O D___Blue Steel, Seven, Dirty Harry, Chinatown comparison chart

O D___Original 1990 Reviews
O D___New Statesman -Suzanne Moore
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert
O D___Philadelphia City Paper -Cynthia Fuchs
O D___New York Times
O D___Taxi Magazine
O D___Entertainment Weekly

O D___Analysis
O D___Straightforward discussion from book about crime films, Detecting Men
O D___Chatty analysis & discussion of gender & power, from book about female detectives
O D___Some ideas on gender & power, & comparison with Thelma & Louise, from AL textbook
O D___Brief, concise discussion of some main ideas, from book about film noir
O D___Discussion of gender & genre, from chapter on KB in book on Action & Adventure Cinema
O D___Detailed analysis from Spectacular Bodies, book on gender, genre & action films
O D___Part of a chapter on female cops in Reel Knockouts, book on violent women in films,
O D___with usefully readable summary of other people’s arguments & analyses
O D___Long but quite readable analysis & discussion from Feminist Hollywood, book about women directors
O D___Difficult extract from another book about women directors. Some good points on the opening sequence
O D___Same kind of thing again, from Kiss Me Deadly, Australian book on feminist film
O D___Short extract along the same lines, from pioneering 1996 book Representing the Woman
O D___Discussion of the way sound is used in the film -part of a chapter on the use of sound in all KB’s films-
O D___but also brings in some odd interesting ideas about fairy tale imagery
O D___Difficult but sensitive discussion, worth struggling with, from good book called The Cinematic Body
O D___Part of a 141 page MA thesis by Australian student on blood in three films by women directors.
O D___Includes useful plot summary & some points on the opening sequence, but most of it is very difficult
O D___Part of a 300 page PhD dissertation by Ohio student on rogue cop films.
O D___Discusses gender in relation to rogue cop genre conventions. Surprisingly readable!
O D___Long, complex psychoanalytical interpretation of the film from book on Kathryn Bigelow films.
O D___Drastically edited but still extraordinarily difficult. Could maybe pick out useful ideas, eg on the opening
O D___Long extract about sound & fairy tale conventions in the film, also from the book on Kathryn Bigelow films
O D___Part of an article in Canadian student journal Cinephile, which borrows ideas from the previous piece
O D___Part of another Cinephile article, discussing gender & genre
O D___Article from US journal Jump Cut, discussing Blue Steel as a ‘yuppie devil’ film,
O D___reflecting on the ideology of the 1980s. Also discusses Silence of the Lambs & American Psycho.
O D___Very long, quite difficult to read, but surely correct. Online version is extensively illustrated with stills.
O D___Angrily dismissive review of the film from Violent Screen, book on violent films