O D___

____Pasted Graphic 7 _Soundtrack downloads & discussion
____Pasted Graphic 7 _Lynne Ramsay & her other films
____Pasted Graphic 7 _The Passenger
____Pasted Graphic 7 _Other related films

O D___Book
O D___First six pages O D___Short Guardian article on adapting the book into film O D___Reading guide on the Reader’s Place website O D___List of songs in the book but not the film, from The Playlist blog O D___Chapter about Alan Warner from Contemporary British Novelists book O D___Little article from the Barcelona Review about the different book covers O D___Ace Powerpoint on interior monologue in novels & elsewhere, by Edinburgh art college teacher, shared on Slideshare

O D___Production Details etc
O D___IMDb
O D___Company Pictures Website
O D___Chapter about production process from Warwick University student’s PhD
O D___Brief diary of production process by Lynne Ramsay, from The Guardian
O D___Production notes from French distributor -in French
O D___Case study from BBFC students’ website, explaining why the film was rated ’15’
O D___Article from The Scotsman newspaper about reactions to the film in Oban, where it’s set
O D___Lovely photos taken during filming. Click one to begin slideshow

O D___Reviews
O D___Guardian -Peter Bradshaw
O D___Observer -Philip French
O D___Independent -Jonathan Romney
O D___Daily Telegraph
O D___The Scotsman
O D___London Evening Standard -Alexander Walker RIP, hated it
O D___Daily Mail -Christopher Tookey, hates it too
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert
O D___Village Voice -J Hoberman
O D___New York Times
O D___New York Daily News
O D___Premiere, US film magazine
O D___Variety -US film industry magazine
O D___Total Film
O D___Empire
O D___Sight & Sound -Review by Xan Brooks
O D___Sight & Sound -Review article by Linda Ruth Williams
O D___Vertigo -Art film magazine -Chris Darke
O D___Senses of Cinema -Chris Darke & others
O D___Pinocchio Theory -Steven Shaviro, Michigan University
O D___Scope, Nottingham University film studies journal
O D___Bright Lights
O D___Salon
O D___PopMatters
O D___Indiewire
O D___BBC Website
O D___View London
O D___UK Critic
O D___The Blurb, Australia
O D___The Lamp, Canada
O D___Japan Times
O D___Jigsaw Lounge
O D___Slant
O D___Haro
O D___Raging Bull
O D___Cellar Door
O D___Talking Pictures
O D___Shadows on the Wall
O D___Off Off Off
O D___10k Bullets
O D___Kamera, not keen
O D___NYC Cine, angrily hostile
O D___Are the Hills Going to March Off? Hostile
O D___Reel
O D___Bitch Magazine
O D___Focus Pullr
O D___Metroactive
O D___Movie Martyr
O D___Deep Focus
O D___Fin de Cinema & Films for the Soul
O D___Plume Noire
O D___AV Club
O D___AV Club -The New Cult Canon
O D___Left Field Cinema -Overlooked Gems
O D___Left Field Cinema -podcast version
O D___MRQE -93 more reviews
O D___Rotten Tomatoes -76 more reviews
O D___Metacritic -24 more reviews

O D___Forum Discussions
O D___Black Cat Bone
O D___Withnail & Us
O D___Chlotrudis

O D___Interviews & Interview Articles etc
O D___Interview on stage at the London National Film Theatre
O D___Interview from cool Chicago magazine Stop Smiling
O D___Interview article from The Scotsman
O D___Interview article from Village Voice, New York
O D___Interview article from Time magazine USA
O D___Interview article from The Age, Australia
O D___Interview article from Res magazine, Canada
O D___Interview article from The Japan Times
O D___Interview from Indie London website
O D___Interview article -Watch this Face- from Empire magazine
O D___Interview from Empire magazine
O D___Interview from BBCi website
O D___Interview from Indiewire website
O D___Interview from Film Festivals website
O D___Interview from Index Magazine website
O D___Interview article from Gerald Peary website, Boston
O D___Audio interview streamed from BBC website
O D___Lynne Ramsay & Samantha Morton interview article from The Guardian
O D___Lynne Ramsay & Samantha Morton interview article from New York Daily News
O D___Samantha Morton tribute from Senses of Cinema website
O D___Samantha Morton tribute on Verdoux website
O D___Samantha Morton tribute on Feminema blog
O D___Samantha Morton interview article from The Observer
O D___Samantha Morton interview from Indie London website
O D___Samantha Morton interview from BBCi website
O D___Samantha Morton Q&A from The Independent
O D___Article about Lanna actress from Gerard Butler’s Celtic Hearts website

O D___More Advanced Academic Writing
O D___Extract from book for AL students, Studying British Cinema 1999-2009
O D___Chapter from another book, Classless -Recent Essays on British Film
O D___Morvern Callar section of class blog for Glasgow Caledonian University course on Scottish lit & film
O D___Thoughtful personal reaction from US woman’s literary blog Reveries Under the Sign of Austen
O D___Essay by student on Cambridge university adult education course, from her website Shiftwork
O D___Extract from book on British National Cinema discussing LR’s films & 2003 Scottish film Young Adam
O D___Article from Reverse Shot website, comparing Morvern Callar with 2001 Japanese film All About Lily Chou-Chou
O D___Essay from a book called Scotland in Europe, comparing Morvern Callar with 1997 Czech film Lea
O D___Drastically edited extracts
O D___Extract about the film’s representation of Scottishness from Film, Drama & The Break Up of Britain book
O D___Extract from essay on European-ness in Scottish cinema from Portal journal
O D___Short extract from book on Contemporary World Cinema
O D___Extract from book about borders & belonging films, Crossing New Europe
O D___Edited version

O D___Sarah Neeley
O D___Extract from book chapter on modern Scottish cinema by Sarah Neely, Stirling University
O D___Chapter from Sarah Neely’s PhD thesis on Scottish fiction & film
O D___Drastically edited version

O D___John Caughie
O D___Four versions of essay on MC, Scottishness & art cinema by John Caughie, Glasgow University
O D___Scottish Studies Review journal
O D___Theorising World Cinema book
O D___Drastically edited version
O D___Video of world cinema conference talk -stops halfway through!
O D___Video of Scottish teachers conference talk
O D___Powerpoint slides

O D___Feminist Psychoanalysis & Philosophy
O D___Article about how Morvern Callar passes the Bechdel Test, on Bitch Magazine website
O D___An Unfinished Jigsaw, student’s film theory blog, including brief entry on Morvern Callar & the Male Gaze
O D___Extract about gender & shame from Texas university student’s MSc thesis
O D___Article from British Journal of Psychotherapy about using the film to teach students about psychoanalysis
O D___Drastically edited version
O D___Book chapter by Lucy Bolton, using theories by scary French feminist Luce Irigaray
O D___Drastically edited version
O D___First half of a difficult article by Liza Johnson from US feminist journal Signs, about shame, looking & camerawork
O D___Extract from article by Maria Walsh, from the extraordinarily difficult Rhizomes website
O D___A Beginner’s Guide to Laura Mulvey & the Male Gaze theory from Media Magazine
O D___Drastically edited version

O D___Other Interesting Things
O D___Two scenes acted out by drama students, with new music, on YouTube

O D___A2 FS Exam
O D___Fifty exam-type essay questions
O D___Powerpoint from AL FS training day for teachers, indicating what’s expected
O D___Two pages from A2 Film Studies Essential Introduction textbook