O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___Books
O D___Coppola -Peter Cowie
O D___Francis Ford Coppola -Jeff Menne
O D___Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia
O D___Godfather
O D___Film A Critical Introduction
O D___Classical Hollywood Cinema -David Bordwell et al
O D___Neo-Noir -Mark Bould et al
O D___The B List
O D___Surveillance & Film
O D___Stalker Hacker Voyeur Spy

O D___Journals
O D___Film Quarterly 1974
O D___Cinema Journal
O D___Journal of Popular Film & TV
O D___Journal of Criminal Justice & Popular Culture
O D___Sydney Studies in English
O D___Rethinking History
O D___Tropismes
O D___Senses of Cinema
O D___Spectator

O D___Blogs & Websites
O D___Illumined Illusions
O D___Dark Eye Socket -Opening

O D___People Studying
O D___Handout for Texas University Screening
O D___Handout for SUNY Buffalo screening