O D___
Pasted Graphic

O D___People Studying Fish Tank
O D___Alleyn’s School London
O D___Haverstock School London
O D___Long Road College Cambridge
O D___Cambridge University
O D___Worksheet from ‘Candimedia’ shared on Scribd website
O D___Worksheet by Julian McDougall AL MS examiner

O D___Andrea Arnold Interviews
O D___Observer
O D___Rotten Tomatoes
O D___Birds Eye View Blog
O D___Film Maker magazine
O D___Cineuropa website
O D___Sydney Morning Herald

O D___Interviews with Actress Katie Jarvis
O D___Guardian 1
O D___Guardian 2
O D___Guardian 3
O D___The Times 1
O D___The Times 2
O D___BBC Film Network
O D___Step2InspireTV

O D___Michael Fassbender Fan Websites
O D___Both have whole sections on Fish Tank
O D___Fasscinating Fassbender
O D___MF Multiply

O D___Reviews
O D___Guardian -Peter Bradshaw
O D___Observer -Philip French
O D___Independent -Jonathan Romney
O D___The Times
O D___Daily Mail -Christopher Tookey
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert
O D___Wall Street Journal New York
O D___New York Times
O D___Washington Post
O D___San Francisco Weekly
O D___The List website, Edinburgh
O D___Time Out London
O D___Ruthless Culture website
O D___Pop Matters website
O D___Salon website
O D___IndieWire website
O D___Ellipsis blog
O D___Deep Focus blog
O D___Obtuse Angles blog
O D___Feminema blog
O D___Women & Hollywood website
O D___That’s How the Light Gets In blog
O D___Towards the Front Please blog
O D___Sit Down Man blog
O D___Infinite Thought blog
O D___Left Field Cinema website
O D___Slant website
O D___Culture Wars website
O D___New Statesman magazine
O D___Socialist Review website
O D___Socialist Party website
O D___Open Democracy website
O D___JJ Murphy on Independent Cinema blog
O D___Review essay by Ian Christie on Criterion US DVD website
O D___130 more reviews on Rotten Tomatoes website

O D___More
O D___Discussion & lovely stills on Scanners blog
O D___Brief discussion of music in Andrea Arnold films, on Sound & Music Website
O D___Conference paper on the role of dance in the film, reprinted on House of Leaves blog
O D___Phenomenology analysis of Fish Tank (& Wuthering Heights) from Real/Reel journal
O D___
O D___
Industry & Audience
O D___Press book from distributors Artificial Eye
O D___BBFC explain why they gave Fish Tank a ‘15’ certificate
O D___Fish Tank Facebook group page -not much on it
O D___Fish Tank Twitter page -empty

O D___Chavs
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Ace 30 slide Powerpoint for A2 MS, found on DocStoc website
O D___328 definitions on Urban Dictionary website
O D___Notes by Essex school Media Studies teacher (or students?)
O D___Observer article comparing representation of black people & chavs
O D___Article on representations of ‘chav scum’ from Australian Media-Culture Journal
O D___Essay on celebrity chavs from Lancaster University Sociology Dept
O D___Sharp paragraph about chav mums on feminist blog