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leafy-arrow-3_D__ Heist Films

O_D___Title sequence video & commentary by composer & editor, from The Art of the Title Sequence website
O_D___Assorted clips collected on Wow Videos website

O_D___Wikipedia on The Usual Suspects
O_D___Wikipedia on Keyser Soze
O_D___Script from Screenplay Database website

O_D___Bryan Singer Interviews
O_D___Empire magazine
O_D___Hotdog magazine

O_D___Sight & Sound magazine
O_D___Empire magazine
O_D___Uncut magazine
O_D___Hotdog magazine
O_D___What DVD magazine
D___Studying The Usual Suspects
O_D___Helpful little book for AL students written by AL teacher

O_D___BFI Modern Classics Book
O_D___Extracts from very useful book, mixing detailed analysis, discussion & production background
O_D___1. Opening & Line-Up
O_D___2. Holding Cell
O_D___3. Gang in Action

O_D___More Analysis & Discussion
O_D___Skimpy chapter from Key Film Texts book
O_D___The ending is voted No.1 in The Observer’s 100 Film Moments
O_D___Short account of ‘the legend of Keyser Soze’ on The Rush website
O_D___Helpful detailed summary & discussion on Criminal Movies blog
O_D___Chapter from film analysis book called From Antz to Titanic
O_D___Edited version of From Antz to Titanic chapter
O_D___Research on audience response to actors, from Participations journal 2015
O_D___Chapter from Good Scripts Bad Scripts book, explaining why it’s a quite good one
O_D___Article about ‘double-dealing’ films from Ohio University journal Narrative
O_D___The Usual Suspects section from ‘double dealing’ article
O_D___Short analysis of narrative structure from scriptwriting blog
O_D___Long commentary from another scriptwriting website
O_D___Extracts from Detecting Men book about crime films
O_D___Extract from Detours & Lost Highways book about neo-noir films

O_D___Students at Work
O_D___Very basic Powerpoint on characters from Cirencester College website, a long time ago
O_D___Very basic notes on codes & conventions, also from Cirencester College website
O_D___Very basic little essay by anonymous student, stored on DocStoc website
O_D___Detailed analysis of the ending, with shot-list, by adult AL student
O_D___UEA university student’s essay on The Usual Suspects & genre, from his blog
O_D___Lancaster University student’s essay on ‘state control & individual resistance’ from Crime Culture website
O_D___Another Lancaster University essay from Crime Culture website, comparing The Usual Suspects with Sherlock Holmes
O_D___Pennsylvania State University students’ little essays on plot & story & ‘range & depth’ in the film