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O D___InD DVD production notes
O D___Lesson notes on production, distribution & exhibition
O D___Bradford Telegraph report on the premiere, in Bradford
O D___BBC website report on connection with London bombings

O D___Director Interview Articles
O D___BBC website
O D___Out Now website
O D___World Socialist Website
O D___New Statesman
O D___The Lip website
O D___Video of BFI discussion

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O D___Extract from book for AL Students, Studying British Cinema
O D___Chapter from book on film & literature, Multi-Ethnic Britain

O D___People Studying
O D___Lesson notes -discussion points
O D___AS FS exam essay plan on Yasmin & A Way of Life
O D___Article from FS teachers magazine In the Picture
O D___GCSE FS Teacher’s INSET powerpoint
O D___GCSE FS textbook chapter
O D___AS FS whiteboard lesson notes from Harlow College
O D___AS FS teacher’s Powerpoints shared on Slideshare
O D___AL MS students’ Powerpoints on the opening, found on Slideshare
O D___Essay by Ex-Bridgwater Bournemouth University student
O D___Student essay for sale on Student Central, essay-selling website
O D___Notes & discussion questions from Bradford GPs training session