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O D___Production
O D___UK trailer on YouTube
O D___International trailer on YouTube
O D___Production Notes compiled by distributor, including statements by director & producer
O D___Article about production process from The Guardian
O D___News on local reactions to the film, from Socialist Worker website

O D___Pawel Pawlikowski Interviews
O D___Selected quotes
O D___New Cinemas journal
O D___Netribution website
O D___The Independent
O D___Total Film
O D___BBC website
O D___Kamera website
O D___The Guardian
O D___CNN International 2006
O D___Vertigo 2007
O D___Motovun Film Festival Croatia, video on YouTube
O D___Aberdeen University, video on their Director’s Cut website
O D___Extract from Serbian Epics, 1992 TV documentary by PP, on YouTube

O D___Paddy Considine
O D___Paddy Considine.co.uk, extensive fan-site
O D___Short interview from BBC website

O D___Reviews
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Daily Telegraph
O D___The Guardian & The Observer
O D___New Statesman magazine
O D___View London, entertainment website. Gives the film five stars
O D___Total Film & Empire. Both give it four stars
O D___Chicago Sun-Times review by Roger Ebert
O D___Variety, hard-nosed US film industry magazine
O D___New York magazine Village Voice
O D___New York Times
O D___LA Times
O D___The Lawrence Journal, Kansas
O D___The Pitch Kansas
O D___Johns Hopkins Newsletter, Baltimore
O D___The Digital Fix Home Cinema website
O D___Comme Au Cinema, French website
O D___Flick Filosopher website
O D___IndieWire, news website
O D___Pop Matters website
O D___Culture Vulture website
O D___Jigsaw Lounge website
O D___Inside Out website
O D___World Film on About.com website
O D___Nitrate Online website
O D___Shadows on the Wall blog
O D___Liberal England blog
O D___Bankraub blog
O D___Open Democracy website, sharply critical
O D___World Socialist Web Site, also sharply critical
O D___Feminist review from AlterNet website, missing the point a bit, I think
O D___Film -Philosophy website, philosophical review by Daniel Frampton
O D___Keswick Film Club Newcastle
O D___BBC Four
O D___Links to 40 reviews on MRQE Movie Review Query Engine website
O D___Links to 50 reviews on Flicks website
O D___Links to 10 reviews in Celebrity Wonder website

O D___Introductory
O D___Plot summary & review from BFI Screenonline website
O D___Review article from US film magazine Cineaste, written for US readers by British university teacher
O D___Article on LR & other immigration films, from In the Picture teacher’s magazine
O D___Powerpoint on LR & Dirty Pretty Things from Queen Mary’s College Basingstoke, shared at BFI teachers conference 2011
O D___Someone’s AS FS handout -lost the source, sorry

O D___More Advanced
O D___Article about realism in LR, from New Cinemas journal
O D___Article about places & non-places, from New Cinemas journal
O D___Article about Pawel Pawikowski, LR & Post-Communist Europe, from Studies in Eastern European Cinema Journal 2012
O D___Edited extract from this article
O D___Chapter on LR & Lilya 4 Ever from Transnational Feminism book
O D___Extract from book about borders & belonging films
O D___Short extract from World Cinema book
O D___LR section (pages 59-63) in Leicester university student’s MPhil thesis on British social realist films
O D___Long, difficult essay from Art-Margins journal, applying theories by French philosopher Jacques Derrida-
O D___a useful corrective to anyone who thinks Film Studies is always an easy subject!
O D___Review article by novelist Iain Sinclair from Sight & Sound magazine-
O D___Lovely writing but full of obscure references, so download version is drastically edited

O D___Sex & the Seaside
O D___Article on British seaside films from the Journal of British Film & TV 2008
O D___Article on sex at the seaside from education journal -mentions Last Resort briefly
O D___Little article from The Big Picture on immigrants & seaside in three films, including Last Resort
O D___Funny article about seaside films from Tangent website

O D___Margate
O D___News on local reactions to the film, from Socialist Worker website
O D___O Dreamland, classic 1953 documentary by Lindsay Anderson, on YouTube
O D___Masses more on YouTube, for example this Dreamland Remembered photo-montage
O D___Article by Tracey Emin, from The Sun
O D___Save Dreamland Campaign website
O D___Blitz & Blight website

O D___Towards a Promised Land
O D___Artangel website, includes photos, background & audio tour
O D___Article by Wendy Ewald on Click photography website
O D___Article from The Observer
O D___Article from Visual Studies journal

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