O D___
O D___

O D___Sixteen Films Website
O D___Background
O D___Interview with director Ken Loach
O D___Paul Laverty on writing the script
O D___Production crew
O D___Cast
O D___German distributors official website, similar to Sixteen Films website
O D___Press notes from US distributors IFC, same as Sixteen Films website
O D___Photos by photographer Joss Barratt, on his portfolio website
O D___Posters on Movie Posters Database website

O D___Interviews etc
O D___Selected quotes from director Ken Loach
O D___Ken Loach & writer Paul Laverty interviewed at the National Film Theatre
O D___KL interview article from The Independent
O D___KL interview article from The Sunday Times
O D___KL interview article from New Statesman magazine
O D___KL interview article from Socialist Worker Online website
O D___KL interview article from Broadcast magazine
O D___KL interview article from London local newspaper
O D___KL interview from Cinematical website
O D___KL Interview from Cineuropa website
O D___KL interview from Sixteen Films website
O D___KL interview from website for Channel 4 at 25 book
O D___KL interviews in Polish & French magazines, summarised on Eurotopics website
O D___Review & KL interview from Picturenose website
O D___PL on writing the script, from Sixteen Films website
O D___Article by PL on The Guardian’s Comment is Free blog, with 42 comments from readers
O D___Interview article about DOP Nigel Willoughby from Fuji Exposure magazine
O D___Kierston Wareing Fan website
O D___Kierston Wareing Facebook

O D___Video
O D___BBC TV news clip from Venice Film Festival, with interviews
O D___Kierston gives us a twirl at Venice Film Festival, from Italian TV via YouTube
O D___KL interviewed at Raindance Film Festival, on YouTube
O D___1 2 KL speaks at Unchosen film festival Bristol 2008, in two parts on YouTube
O D___Review feature from Al Jazeera TV’s Fabulous Picture Show via YouTube. Starts at 5.20
O D___PL interviewed on Australian TV Programme, At the Movies
O D___Podcast of KL interview from FilmDetail website
O D___KL YouTube channel

O D___Reviews
O D___The Guardian
O D___The Observer
O D___Daily Telegraph
O D___Evening Standard
O D___New York Times
O D___Screen International
O D___Hollywood Reporter
O D___Variety
O D___European Films
O D___Cinema Autopsy
O D___Cinematical
O D___Film-Talk
O D___AV Club
O D___Spiked
O D___Academic Hack Blog
O D___Right Wing Film Geek Blog
O D___Zippyfish Blog
O D___Sungypsy Blog
O D___Signis (World Catholic Association)
O D___Local Secrets (Cambridge)
O D___Fast Forward Weekly (Canada)
O D___The Age (Australia)
O D___Al Ahram (Cairo)
O D___Alt-Flix
O D___A World to Win
O D___Emancipation & Liberation
O D___World Socialist Web Site
O D___Scottish Socialist Voice
O D___Socialist Review
O D___Freedom magazine & LibCom website
O D___T&G union website
O D___Action Without Theory (Manchester screening)
O D___International Socialist Voice (Newham Unison screening)
O D___Skuds’ Sister’s Brother blog (screening in Crawley)
O D___Minty’s Menagerie blog (NFT screening)
O D___Amnesty International blog (London screening)
O D___Toronto Human Rights Film Festival
O D___San Francisco Laborfest International Working Class Film Festival

O D___Analysis & Discussion
O D___Long, helpfully detailed & very readable study guide from German schools film festival
O D___IFW chapter from book on trafficking films
O D___IFW section (pages 67-73) from Leicester university student’s MPhil thesis on British social realist films
O D___Long essay by US film-maker, from her website 7 Arrows to the Heart of Cinema
O D___Review by Warwick University teacher, from his Kinoeye blog
O D___Worksheet by Istanbul university teacher, from his website
O D___Review from French educational website Zero de Conduite
O D___Notes for screening at Nottingham University Business School
O D___Powerpoint by Italian business student, shared in Slideshare. Looks interesting but it’s in Italian!