O D___
O D___

O D___Production
O D___Script
O D___Guardian article by scriptwriter Steve Knight
O D___Lovely Guardian interview with actor Chiwetel Ejiofor
O D___Another Guardian article about Chiwetel Ejiofor
O D___Long article about director Stephen Frears career & characteristics of his films from Film International journal

O D___Reviews
O D___Kamera
O D___High Angle
O D___Political Film Society
O D___Guardian
O D___Daily Telegraph
O D___Film4
O D___Filmcritic.com
O D___World Socialist Website
O D___Arts & Opinion website
O D___British Medical Journal
O D___Blogcritics -long hostile review

O D___Analysis & Discussion
O D___Review article by writer Iain Sinclair from Sight & Sound
O D___Section about DPT from book on modern British films
O D___Discussion of DPT & Hollywood from book about neo-noir films
O D___Article on representation of immigrants in recent European cinema, in California university journal Spectator
O D___Detailed scene-by-scene analysis from religious journal Terra Lucida
O D___Political essay by US university student , explaining details in the film as symptoms of global capitalism
O D___Interesting theoretical article about organ trafficking & DPT from Canadian university journal Shift
O D___Interesting theoretical article about bodies & power in DPT from LA university journal Mediascape
O D___Very difficult article on Reconstruction website, with impenetrable theory but good points on the film
O D___Long helpful article discussing genre conventions etc in DTP & In This World, from US journal Post Script
O D___Florida University student’s PhD thesis on African immigrants in film, with section about DPT on pages 75-84
O D___Article from Canadian journal Just Labour about cleaners in songs, TV & Films, with bit about DPT on pages 74-5
O D___Australian conference paper about immigration, gender & human rights, using DPT as illustration
O D___Article from Stirling University about ‘transplants’ of various kinds in recent English & French films, including DPT
O D___Leicester university student’s MPhil thesis on representation of class in British films, including DPT
O D___Taiwan university student’s 100 page MA thesis on DTP, includes some theory but is quite readable & very useful
O D___Article about khat on Theory Teacher’s Blog

O D___People Studying
O D___Excellent notes by Roy Stafford, from a study-day for AL students
O D___Article by Roy Stafford about immigration films, including DPT, from teacher’s magazine In the Picture
O D___Worksheets on Okwe, the city, thriller genre & the opening from BFI Contemporary British Cinema book
O D___Powerpoint on DPT & Last Resort from Queen Mary’s College Basingstoke, shared at BFI teachers conference 2011
O D___AL students at Benton Park School in Leeds discuss DPT & This is England on their class blog
O D___Worksheet from EC educational organisation The Columbus Project
O D___Someone else’s handout -lost the source, sorry
O D___Shockingly bad worksheet from English teachers website Teachit