O D___pasted-graphic-13

O D___Production
O D___Sony Classics official site, with clips & stills etc
O D___Plot summary from Chaucer School Canterbury
O D___Dialogue transcript on Scriptorama website
O D___Beginning, ending & cut scene from published screenplay
O D___Production details by co-producer Douglas Urbanski, from published screenplay
O D___Article from Sight & Sound, including interview with production designer

O D___YouTube
O D___Gary Oldman TV interview
O D___Another Gary Oldman interview
O D___Short NBM extract from BBC4 programme on British films
O D___South Bank Show on Gary Oldman 1997

O D___Reviews
O D___Review from Sight & Sound
O D___Review from US film magazine Cineaste
O D___Review from Uncut magazine
O D___Links to 40 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes website
O D___Links to 40 reviews on MRQE website
O D___87 user reviews on IMDb

O D___Journal Articles
O D___Article on damaged men in NBM & Naked from Glasgow University journal eSharp
O D___Article on spectacle & emotion in NBM from Scottish journal Frames

O D___Books
O D___Cultural Studies & the Working Class
O D___Looking at Class
O D___Realism & Popular Film
O D___British Social Realism
O D___British Cinema of the 90s
O D___Visions of England

O D___Students at Work
O D___Lesson notes
O D___Long essay from essay-selling website
O D___NBM section from UEA students PhD on masculinity in 90s British cinema. She also wrote the eSharp article listed above
O D___30p chapter on laughter & loss in NBM from Glasgow University students MPhil on British social realism