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O D___Extracts from BFI Film Classics book
O D___Plot summary
O D___How the film has been read by Richard Dyer’s mum, students, gay men, feminists etc
O D___The way the film represents Britishness, class & emotional constraint, & how this limited its popularity
O D___Britishness, realism & melodrama
O D___The Feminine Angle

O D___Extracts from books on British cinema
O D___Why the film’s formal perfection didn’t suit popular audiences
O D___Sensitive account of the film’s tone & ideology, from book on Englishness
O D___Two brief by very useful readings of the way the film represents convention & desire
O D___Old-fashioned appreciation of the film’s documentary & emotional truth

O D___Very long, detailed summary from FilmSite website, including extensive quotes from script

O D___Rather crude analysis of representation in the film, from Studying Film, AS FS textbook
O D___A Matter of the Heart -review from Chicago Sun-Times 2010

O D___Brief description of Flames of Passion directed by Richard Kwetniowski, gay version of the Brief Encounter
O D___Article from The Observer about plans to turn Milford Junction station into a Brief Encounter theme park

O D___Original 1945 review from Monthly Film Bulletin
O D___Review article from Cineaste 2016