O D___
Pasted Graphic

O D___Dialogue transcript on Scriptorama website
O D___Wikipedia
O D___IMDb

O D___Production Details
O D___Chatty 25th Anniversary article from Total Film magazine
O D___Adrian Lyne’s memories, from book of interviews with various directors
O D___Adrian Lyne interview article from New York Times 1987

O D___Fatal Attraction by Suzanne Leonard
O D___Introduction
O D___Ch1. Narrative, suspense & intimidation
O D___Ch2. Genre, melodrama, horror, neo-noir, thriller
O D___Ch3. 1980s career women & audience reception
O D___Ch4. Sexuality, AIDS & infidelity
O D___Ch5. Post-feminism & female identity
O D___Footnotes & bibliography
O D___Review of book in Jump Cut journal

O D___Backlash by Susan Faludi
O D___Whole book
O D___Chapter on films, including Fatal Attraction
O D___Earlier article on FA by Susan Faludi in Mother Jones magazine 1988

O D___1987 Reviews
O D___Chicago Reader -demolition job by Jonathan Rosenbaum
O D___Chicago Sun Times -mixed feelings from Roger Ebert
O D___LA Times -vox pop audience reactions
O D___NY Times -celebratory
O D___The Face -cool British dismissal

O D___Recent Reviews
O D___Left Field Cinema
O D___B-Movie Detective -prefers Play Misty
O D___The Cinema Bitch blog -vitriolic
O D___43 reviews on Rotten tomatoes website
O D___16 reviews on Metacritic website
O D___50 reviews on MRQE website

O D___Short Extracts from Books, Journals & Blogs
O D___Extract from a book on crime films
O D___Extract from another book on crime films
O D___Extract from book on masculinity in crime films
O D___Extract from chapter by Linda Ruth Williams in book on neo-noir films
O D___Extract from another book on neo-noir
O D___Sharp discussion of FA, noir & postmodernism on The Motley View blog
O D___Extract from article on The Demise of the Family in The Journal of American Culture
O D___Sharp little extract from article in the European Journal of International Relations!
O D___Well-argued essay comparing Fatal Attraction & Play Misty, from And You Call Yourself a Scientist! website
O D___Extract about the film’s possible effects on audiences from book by cognitive theorist Noel Carroll
O D___
O D___Longer & Mostly More Advanced
O D___Half a chapter from Thinking About Movies textbook
O D___Extract from The History of Sex in American Film
O D___Essay on monstrous women on RomComHorror blog
O D___Extract from essay on post-feminist men in Women’s Studies in Communication journal
O D___Extract from article on FA as erotic thriller in Cineaction journal
O D___FA section of feminist theory article in New Formations journal
O D___Difficult extract from book on race & gender
O D___Article on patriarchy from Journal of Popular Culture 1992 special edition on Fatal Attraction
O D___Book chapter, originally a journal article, on 1980s ‘yuppie horror’ films
O D___Chapter from Canadian university student’s MA thesis on femmes fatales in neo-noir films
O D___Essay by London University MA student, written1993, on Fatal Attraction & ‘male gaze’ theory
O D___Chapter from South African university student’s MA dissertation on anti-feminism in Fatal Attraction & Lara Croft
O D___Chapter on Fatal Attraction from Louisiana university student’s PhD dissertation on violence in modern American films
O D___Colorado university student’s ace MA dissertation on ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ in Fatal Attraction & other films
O D___New Orleans university student’s BA thesis, analysing Fatal Attraction & another film, then writing her own script

O D___School & College Students at Work
O D___US schoolteachers handout & explanation of how she teaches feminist criticism
O D___Alex & Medusa pictures from Texas University English teacher’s website
O D___FA section from Washington university students ace research website on dangerous women in lit, art & film
O D___Oklahoma university’s excellent FS class blog, with students comments on quotes
O D___IB students Extended Essay on Fatal Attraction & Audition
O D___Laddish essay by Michigan University student
O D___Bronx community college students essay
O D___AS MS student’s notes on the DVD cover
O D___AS MS students’ Powerpoints on the opening
O D___AS MS students skimpy blog entries on narrative structure
O D___AS MS students group blog for their interesting-looking FA-inspired video
O D___AS MS teacher’s Powerpoint on FA & feminism
O D___Feeble revision questions & answers on Quizlet website

O D___Psychiatrists at Work
O D___Psychiatrists & psychiatrist-trainers like using film characters to illustrate mental illness,
O D___for example all the symptoms of ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ in Alex’s behaviour-
O D___but this often distorts or ignores the whole point of the film
O D___Wikipedia page on Borderline Personality Disorder
O D___Borderline Personality Disorder 101 Powerpoint by US therapist
O D___35 page ‘Beneficial Film Guide’ on Fatal Attraction
O D___Essay by Illinois college psychology student

O D___And Finally
O D___Hell Hath No Fury, an online serialised ‘epistolatory’ novel -the characters discuss Fatal Attraction in chapters 6 & 7
O D___News report of a Saw-style remake
O D___Are you a creep magnet? Try The Fatal Attraction Test, on OK Cupid website