O D___

O D___Book & Script
O D___Big Fish was adapted by John August from a book by Daniel Wallace
O D___Daniel Wallace’s own website
O D___Interview with Daniel Wallace on Strange Horizons website
O D___Big Fish news & ideas section of John August’s website
O D___Long introduction, explaining how he wrote it
O D___Transcript of his first meeting with Daniel Wallace
O D___Comparison of book & film on Box Office Prophets website
O D___Original one-page outline
O D___Full outline
O D___Final shooting script

O D___Background, Discussion & Analysis
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Sony DVD site
O D___Big Fish section of The Tim Burton Collective fansite
O D___Christian reading from Journal of Religion & Popular Culture
O D___Review on World Socialist Website
O D___Lesson plans by student teachers at Florida university
O D___US student’s analysis of short sequence, on her interesting blog
O D___Very detailed commentary notes from US Teaching Film Study website