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O D___The Making of Kubrick’s 2001
O D___Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 -New Essays

O D___2001 by Arthur C Clarke
O D___The Sentinel by Arthur C Clarke
O D___2001 Internet Resource Archive
O D___2001 A Space Odyssey Shrine
O D___2001 Explained
O D___The Underview
O D___Beyond the Cinema Frame
O D___FilmSite
O D___Dreamscape
O D___Original Cinema Programme
O D___2001 Exhibit
O D___Dear Mr Kubrick: Audience Responses
O D___BFI Panel discussion of opening sequence
O D___Religious interpretation from East-West Film Journal
O D___Chapter from book on film & literature
O D___Essay on Hal from Journal of Popular Culture
O D___Review & Article from Sight & Sound

O D___Obsessive Kubrick Websites
O D___Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide
O D___The Kubrick Site
O D___Warner Bros Kubrick site
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