O D___

O dk-blue-arrow___Breathless
O dk-blue-arrow___Weekend
O dk-blue-arrow___La Chinoise
O dk-blue-arrow___Tout Va Bien
O dk-blue-arrow___Vivre Sa Vie

O D___Jean-Luc Godard Circa 1968
O D___Long, readable article about 1968 & French & US cinema from Offscreen website
O D___Long article about Godard’s Political Years 1968-79 on Pop Matters website
O D___Articles on early Godard & his ‘Maoist phase’ from Maoist International Movement website
O D___New Zealand student’s MA thesis on 1960s counterculture in Godard’s 1968 films
O D___Connecticut student’s BA thesis on Godard’s 1960s films, theory & politics
O D___US university student’s essay on Weekend & Tout Va Bien etc
O D___Article about Godard’s 1966-7 films, including Weekend & La Chinoise, on Long Pauses blog
O D___Article about Godard & left politics c1968, from US journal Jump Cut
O D___Summary of Sylvia Harvey book about French film culture, on The Voice Imitator blog

O D___Interviews
O D___Interviews with Godard etc from New York Film Bulletin 1964
O D___Long, serious interview with Godard from Cahiers du Cinema 1967
O D___Bemused interview with militant Godard from New York Times 1970
O D___Interview with Jean-Pierre Gorin from Jump Cut 1974

O D___Counter Cinema etc
O D___Original 1972 article by Peter Wollen defining Brechtian counter cinema
O D___Helpful explanation of Peter Wollen article, from Studying Film textbook
O D___Brief summary of Peter Wollen article, from Film Theory book
O D___Famous very difficult article by Colin McCabe on Brecht & realism, from Screen 1974
O D___Famous Comolli & Narboni article categorising radicalness, from Cahiers du Cinema 1969
O D___Helpful summary of Comolli & Narboni article from Regis University Colorado
O D___Part 1 of article on Brecht & film, from Jump Cut
O D___Part 2 of article on Brecht & film, from Jump Cut
O D___Chapters on 1968 & Brecht etc from Film Theory An Introduction book
O D___Chapters 2 & 3 in The Altering Eye book, including lots on Godard & Brecht
O D___Australian student blog Rebel Is Not a Dirty Word
O D___Australian blog Au-Cinema
O D___Alabama University
O D___Washington University
O D___Willamette University Oregon
O D___Dawson College Quebec
O D___Robert Gordon University Aberdeen
O D___MediaEd website Wales

O D___Godard in General
O D___Cinema=Godard=Cinema, ace Canadian website, collects links to material of all kinds
O D___Chatty but difficult notes on Godard for Beginners by Plymouth sociologist
O D___Penn State University student’s PhD thesis JLG The Evolution of a Radical
O D___2002 article by Peter Wollen discussing Godard’s career & his own changing view of it
O D___Sniffy Guardian article by filmmaker Chris Petit: “We know he was great, but was he any good?’
O D___Godard interviewed in 2010 by 1968 veteran Daniel Cohn-Bendit, c/o Cinemasparagus blog
O D___80th birthday tribute, with links to other tributes, on MUBI website
O D___This is What I Assume Jean-Luc Godard is Like cartoon on I Prefer Your Earlier Work blog
O D___Blog analysing in detail the connections between Godard & Quentin Tarantino
O D___Examples & discussion of Godard’s caption intertitles, on Minneapolis art gallery blog
O D___Lovely blog by US design student writing MA thesis on graphic design in Godard’s films
O D___Vimeo video of conference presentation of her thesis
O D___Short appreciation of re-release posters on MUBI Notebook blog
O D___Little website made by Minnesota college student, links all now dead
O D___Deliciously designed archive by Tokyo- Vermont Films, but I couldn’t get it to work