O D___pasted-graphic-6

O D___Links to heavy academic writing on ‘final girl’ films etc, listed on Film Studies for Free website
O D___Her Body Himself, very influential essay by Carol Glover, later included in her Men Women & Chainsaws book
O D___Teacher’s Powerpoint from South Island School Hong Kong shared on Slideshare website
O D___Powerpoint by AS MS student on slasher film opening sequences
O D___Essay on 1970s slasher films from Florida University crime films course
O D___Sociology theory essay from Australian theory journal Colloquy
O D___Great essay on telephones in slasher films, from Senses of Cinema website
O D___
O D___
O D___Whole film streamed on Novamov website
O D___Plot summary & commentary on Filmsite website
O D___Plot summary & commentary on Collative Learning website
O D___Teacher’s Powerpoint for AL MS, shared on Scribd website
O D___Little website made by student on NY university horror & gender course
O D___And another one
O D___Review on horror film website Bloody Disgusting
O D___Review by US PhD student on his blog Tativille
O D___Discussion from gay viewer’s perspective on Post-mortem Depression blog
O D___Good essay from Danish online journal POV
O D___Discussion on Not Coming to a Theatre Near You website
O D___Analysis of opening sequence from Art of the Title Sequence website
O D___Analysis of opening sequence from Scanners blog
O D___AS MS student’s exam essay on opening sequence from Hurtwood House School website
O D___Chapter from World Cinema Through Global Genres textbook

O D___Texas Chainsaw Massacre
O D___Detailed textual analysis article from academic journal Movie
O D___Long tricky essay on taboo & transgression from Film-Philosophy journal

O D___Scream
O D___Essay on empowerment of women from 2008 Stanford University conference
O D___Essay on Scream & feminism from feminist online journal Genders
O D___Notes for AS MS on opening sequence from Thurston Community College