O D___
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O dk-red--3___Film Noir

O D___James M Cain
O D___JMCs Preface to Three of a Kind
O D___JMC chapter in Companion to Crime Fiction book
O D___JMC section of Masters of Mystery & Detective Fiction book
O D___JMC chapter by Joyce Carol Oates from Tough Guy Writers of the Thirties book
O D___JMC section on Detnovel blog

O D___The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M Cain
O D___Complete book
O D___Pictures & introduction from illustrated edition
O D___Cambridge Companion to American Crime Fiction
O D___Cain’s Craft by David Madden 1985
O D___Characters & Plots in the Fiction of JMC
O D___Unless the Threat of Death is Behind Them
O D___Men Alone
O D___Modern Library blog
O D___Sunderland University students BA thesis
O D___New Orleans University students MA thesis

O D___The Postman Always Rings Twice 1946
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Philosophy of Film Noir
O D___Encyclopedia of Film Noir
O D___Historical Dictionary of Film Noir
O D___Film Noir & Cinema of Paranoia
O D___The Street Was Mine
O D___Femme Fatale Images Histories Contexts
O D___Rethinking the Femme Fatale in Film Noir
O D___Dame in the Kimono
O D___Shots in the Mirror
O D___Classical Film Violence
O D___Imitations of Life -Richard Dyer
O D___Lit-Film Quarterly journal 2000
O D___Clues journal -cars in Postman & The Big Sleep
O D___AFI Catalogue website
O D___AMC Filmsite
O D___Turner Classic Movies website
O D___Film Noir of the Week blog
O D___Film Noir Studies website
O D___Filmsnoir Website
O D___Only the Cinema blog
O D___Mid-Century Cinema blog
O D___Crime Culture website
O D___Cinema de Merde Blog
O D___Une Cinephile blog
O D___Dusted Off blog
O D___AL MS students coursework
O D___TV Tropes & Idioms website
O D___Internet Movie Cars Database
O D___Out of the Past podcast

O D___The Postman Always Rings Twice 1981
O D___Dialogue transcript on Scriptorama website
O D___AFI Catalogue website
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert
O D___American Film magazine 1981
O D___Sight & Sound -Bob Rafelson
O D___Literature Film Quarterly journal 1985
O D___Texas university students David Mamet PhD thesis
O D___Postman 81 & Body Heat comparison in Dead Ringers book

O D___Book & Films Comparisons
O D___Westminster Wisdom blog -Bk/46
O D___Tipping My Fedora blog -Bk/46
O D___LitVie blog -Bk/46
O D___Detnovel blog -B/46
O D___Colorado University students BA essay -Bk/46
O D___Student essay from Film International journal -46/81
O D___Screen article by Frank Krutnik -Bk/46/81
O D___Film Criticism journal -Bk/46/81
O D___Noir Now & Then -46/81
O D___Film Remakes -46/81
O D___Encyclopedia of Novels into Films -Bk/46/81/Oss
O D___Peter Cochran blog -46/81/Oss
O D___Cinemascope journal -46/Oss

O D___Ossessione
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Script for BFI DVD commentary by David Forgacs
O D___Cineaste magazine
O D___Film Criticism journal 1
O D___Film Criticism journal 2
O D___Film Quarterly journal 1960
O D___European Cinema
O D___Filming the Nation
O D___When Stories Travel
O D___Film Noir Guidebook
O D___Cinema of Economic Miracles
O D___Women Desire & Power in Italian Cinema
O D___Imitations of Life -Chapter by Marcia Landy
O D___Bright Lights Film Journal
O D___24 Frames blog
O D___Kamera website
O D___Cinesthesia blog
O D___Filmycks blog
O D___Kubrick on the Guillotine blog
O D___YouTube clip & questions on AL FS textbook website
O D___8-page handout for screening university screening
O D___Montreal university students 98-page MA thesis on the film

O D___Jerichow
O D___GFL journal
O D___Transit journal

O D___Finally
O D___Stage version, starring Val Kilmer
O D___Opera version

O D___Archive Corner
O D___Some sample pages from old booklet c1985!