O D___

Odk-red-___All I Desire
Odk-red-___All that Heaven Allows
Odk-red-___Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
Odk-red-___Far From Heaven
Odk-red-___Bigger than Life
Odk-red-___Brief Encounter
Odk-red-___The House of Mirth
Odk-red-___Nil By Mouth

Odk-red-___MA World Cinema Melodrama & the Family Module
Odk-red-___MA World Cinema Reinventing the Family in French Cinema Module

O D___Notes by Roy Stafford from a course for AL students
O D___Introduction
O D___The Origins of Melodrama
O D___Defining & Classifying Melodramas
O D___Narrative Analysis
O D___Melodramas in 1950s Hollywood
O D___Preparatory Exercises
O D___Fear Eats the Soul
O D___The Piano
O D___My Son the Fanatic
O D___Filmography & Bibiography
O D___Teachers Notes
O D___First 4 sections reprinted on The Case for Global Film website
O D___Handout from 2007 NFTVM course on women filmmakers

O D___Melodrama in General
O D___Melodrama section from The Cinema Book, ed Pam Cook
O D___Tales of Sound & Fury by Thomas Elsaesser 1972
O D___Tales of Sound & Fury Reconsidered -USC Spectator 1993
O D___Melodrama & Tears by Steve Neale from Screen 1986
O D___Melodrama chapter from Genre & Hollywood by Steve Neale 1999
O D___Melodrama Revised by Linda Williams from Refiguring American Film Genres book ed Nick Browne 1998
O D___Rethinking Genre by Christine Gledhill from Reinventing FS book ed Christine Gledhill & Linda Williams 2000

O D___Melodrama in Political Theory
O D___Left Melodrama, by Elizabeth Ankar, conference paper 2009
O D___Left Melodrama, by Elizabeth Ankar, article from Contemporary Political Theory journal 2012