O D___

O D___Introductions
O D___OCR exam board video for AL MS students
O D___Basic shot-distance Powerpoint, tastefully illustrated
O D___Basic shot descriptions Powerpoint for AS MS
O D___Another basic shot descriptions Powerpoint for AS MS
O D___Short camerawork analysis notes Powerpoint
O D___Good 45-slide Powerpoint on practical camerawork
O D___Good detailed camerawork analysis Powerpoint
O D___Good 50-slide Powerpoint on mise-en-scene, camerawork & editing etc, with nice examples
O D___80 slide Powerpoint A to Z of cinematography terms, each quite clearly explained & illustrated
O D___Majestic Micro Movies video ‘essays’ on deep & shallow focus, tracking & shot/reverse-shot. Magnifique

O D___Favourite Shots
O D___Short articles on 20 favourite shots, on Reverse Shot website
O D___22 Frames that Always Work video on YouTube, based on
O D___22 Panels that Always Work in comics

O D___Close-Ups
O D___Close-Up Blogathon co-ordinated by The House Next Door blog, with contributions by dozens of blog-writers
O D___I’m Ready for My Close-Up on Multiglom Blog
O D___And accompanying article in The Guardian
O D___Free Association Dream Sequence of close-ups on Scanners blog
O D___And video version
O D___Brief article by Mark Cousins from Prospect magazine on the lack of close-ups in recent films
O D___Article on ‘carefully considered close-ups’ in Psycho, on The Cooler blog
O D___Long, difficult essay offering a social psychology theory of intimacy & threat in close-ups, from Kinema journal

O D___Camera Movement
O D___Short video analysing camera movement in Mad Men, from FilmFreak Central website
O D___Theoretical essay on handheld camerawork in Cloverfield & The Blair Witch Project from Danish journal 16:9
O D___Steadishots website, ‘a tribute & study of Steadicam operators & their work’
O D___Essay on Steadicam camerawork, on Looking at Movies textbook website
O D___Letter to Stanley Kubrick 1976, introducing him to Steadicams
O D___Discussion of ‘unsteadicam’ shaky shots, on David Bordwell’s website
O D___Theoretical discussion of zoom movements, on Hermenaut website
O D___Annoyed attack on zoom movements, on Scanners blog
O D___Short video analysing ‘the creepy, alluring art of the follow shot’ on The L Magazine website

O D___Notes on Cinematography by Robert Bresson -complete book
O D___Man with a Movie Camera 1929 film streamed on Novamov website