O D___pasted-graphic-2-3

O D___Short Film Websites
O D___Future Shorts: ‘The global short film network’
O D___Movieola: ‘The short film channel’
O D___Short of the Week, ace films, discussion & good links
O D___Garage, part of MUBI website, with 1500 films, notes & forum etc
O D___The Smalls: ‘Could your short film be your big break?’
O D___Shooting People: UK ‘independent filmmakers network’
O D___Virgin Media Shorts: ‘Championing undiscovered talent’
O D___BBC Film Network: ‘Showcasing new British filmmaking’
O D___BBC Film Network: UK Film Council section
O D___Daazo: ‘European short film centre’
O D___Clipland: short film section of ‘short form media’ website
O D___Nice Shorts: Australian ‘home of premier short films’
O D___NZ on Screen, New Zealand film & TV site, short film section
O D___Encounters film festival website, includes previous award winning films
O D___DC Shorts film festival website, includes trailers for entries
O D___Phillips Parallel Lines competition, all entries & winners
O D___Odd short films collected & introduced by Bad Lit, US online ‘journal of underground film’
O D___Cinema 16: website for ace DVD series, with notes but no videos

O D___History, Analysis, Discussion
O D___Little essay on the history of the short film on 6 Degrees Film website
O D___Another little history of short films, from Brief Encounters education pack
O D___Chronological list of famous short films, from Teaching Short Films book
O D___Article for AL students from Media Magazine on ‘why short films are the new blockbusters’
O D___Article on short films & Media 2.0 by AL MS examiner Julian McDougall, from Splice teachers’ journal
O D___Article about ‘the 200 genres of the short story’ from Spanish online journal Miscelanea
O D___Article about short film genres from Danish online journal POV
O D___Article from online magazine Primer about short films made by famous directors
O D___Academics & filmmakers discuss their favourite short films on Australian online journal Senses of Cinema
O D___Contributors to the upmarket MUBI forum discuss their favourite short films
O D___Another MUBI discussion, on ‘great directors’ short films’
O D___US academics have a week-long discussion about short films coordinated by Only the Cinema blog
O D___More about this on Culture Snob blog
O D___Article about films in the Cinema 16 DVD series, from online journal Offscreen
O D___Teacher’s blog for Washington University course on short films 2006-9, superb

O D___Aspiration, Distribution & Exhibition
O D___Article from The Observer about short films as a career route
O D___Article for AL students from Media Magazine on “getting your short film shown’
O D___Snazzy 36 page guide to short film distribution produced by Scottish Screen
O D___Dorset short film maker wants your support

O dk-red--3___About a Girl

O D___Wasp
O D___Video Part 1 on YouTube
O D___Video Part 2 on YouTube
O D___Funding details on Lottery Funding website
O D___Production details press kit
O D___Article discussing the film from teachers’ journal Splice
O D___Short review on Fin de Cinema blog
O D___User reviews on IMDb

O D___Two Cars, One Night
O D___Website, with video & notes
O D___Press kit production notes from New Zealand Film
O D___Notes & script from Teaching Short Films Book
O D___Worksheet on narrative from Teaching Short Films book
O D___Worksheet on representation from Teaching Short Films book

O D___Doodlebug
O D___Video on Daily Motion website
O D___Brief notes on Cinema 16 DVD website

O D___Lightweight
O D___Notes from Brief Encounters student’s pack
O D___Scriptwriter/producer interview
O D___Producer/production manager interview
O D___Director interview
O D___Composer interview
O D___Biographies
O D___Production flow-charts
O D___Activities for students
O D___Saltaire Films website

O D___More Examples
O D___Jammin’ the Blues: ‘the finest jazz short ever made’
O D___Eaten: Israeli science fiction horror film
O D___What is That: Greek father-&-son story, ‘will make you weep at your desk’
O D___Booth Story: Australian film about Jim & the egg
O D___Goodbye Mr Snuggles: The painters & the clown

O D___