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O D___I’ve rearranged this blog so it now has newest stuff at the top, like every other blog
O D___Updated & extended the Code Unknown list
O D___Updated the Irreversible list & started one on Romance -unwatchable New French Extreme Cinema
O D___Wrote a long, indulgent tirade on the proposed AL FS & MS reforms

O D___OCTOBER 2015
O D___Flat affect is
O D___Part of the state of mind & behaviour of some people in books, films & real life, maybe because it is
O D___1. A characteristic of postmodernity (Fredric Jameson)
O D___2. A symptom of schizophrenia (Laing & Esterson, DSM) & probably also depression, anorexia, addiction & most other ‘disorders’
O D___3. A defence mechanism (Lauren Berlant, Robbie D on Berlant & Laing & Esterson)
O D___4. A style of acting -eg Samantha Morton, Jackie Stacey on Tilda Swinton
O D___5. Maybe a style of filmmaking -cf ‘slow cinema’
O D___6. Maybe the film equivalent of “white writing” (Barthes on Camus & pulp crime novels)
O D___7. Maybe readable like melodrama as both personal & social
O D___I’ve started a Flat Affect list

O D___Added lists on the Laurent Cantet precarious labour films Human Resources & Time Out, & the Bobby Sands film Hunger

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O D___Corridors in films: Hunger & Morvern Callar

O D___The four month gap here recently was because I was following this summer’s political events, a bit obsessively -Syriza, the general
O D___election, refugee crisis, Labour party leadership election & conference. All pretty bleak; just a few glimmers of hope.

O D___MAY 2015
O D___Started lists on all seven Dardenne brothers films. All seven have these vacant stare, flat affect shots. Could relate this to the precarity
O D___of social conditions in Seraing -& I will- but, to be honest, you could probably find similar shots with quite different significance in
O D___many quite different films

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APRIL 2015
O D___Campeones! Campeones! Ole, ole, ole!

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O D___Meanwhile, I’ve finally finished a massive Edge of Heaven list. There’s a remarkable amount of stuff written on it for such a little film,
O D___probably mostly because of its endearingly optimistic position on transnational identity etc. Also updated the Lilya 4 Ever list -another
O D___great little film, with a less rosy view of transnational migration- & started a Quay Brothers list & tidied up one or two others

O D___MARCH 2015
O D___MA spin-offs: I’ve added lists for the four main films on my MA Reinventing the Family in Contemporary French Cinema module, &
O D___a Family Life list for the great-looking conference coming up soon. I’m also updating the Edge of Heaven list to avoid getting on with
O D___writing an essay about it.

O D___Sad to see that AQA have decided to stop running A Level Communication & Culture. The original Communication Studies started in
O D___1978 & even then was old-fashioned, an incoherent hotchpotch of US sociology, pop psychology, body language & pseudo-scientific
O D___“models’, but for over ten years it was the only A Level where you could study media & do (pre-digital) media production. In 2008
O D___AQA revamped it as Communication & Culture, keeping some of the original stuff but adding some basic Cultural-Studies-style
O D___analysis of popular culture. Again, despite the muddled & outdated syllabus, this was the only A Level where you could study popular
O D___culture anywhere near properly. But it doesn’t seem to have taken off &, despite some desperate last-ditch protest, AQA have now
O D___given up on it altogether. I could only find statistics since 1995 but it seems that, after an initial boom, entry numbers have steadily
O D___declined, especially once AL Media Studies was available as an alternative, & by the end were too small to be commercially viable.

O D___Communication is problematic concept on which to base a syllabus -it covers too many things, most of which involve a lot more than
O D___just communication- but the AL’s main problem was probably just that people didn’t understand it. In particular, it sounded like a
O D___contentless skills course like the Communications element in many vocational courses, or like AL General Studies & Critical Studies.
O D___Adding-in popular culture just when everyone was going on about traditional subjects was probably suicidal. So that’s another nail
O D___in the coffin of decent education, & another thing that will eventually have to be reinvented from scratch at some better time in the
O D___future. Here’s a little RIP AL Communication Studies archive -& here, in a different class altogether,
O D___is the legendary AATE AL Cultural Studies syllabus

O D___JANUARY 2015
O D___I’ve added British New Wave, to match the French one, starting with a lengthy Saturday Night & Sunday Morning list. In general I think
O D___new waves are a flaky category but I guess there are a few interesting connections & similarities as well as big differences.
O D___I did Saturday Night & Sunday Morning with my first ever AL Eng Lit class around 1978 & with my first ever AL FS class 20 years later.
O D___I still think it’s good, & surprisingly neglected, except in Nottingham, where it’s regarded with heartwarming pride & affection.
O D___If I was studying it now it would be as an example of male melodrama. On the MA module last year, we studied A Taste of Honey
O D___but Arthur’s anguished macho intensity is surely more Sirkian than Jo’s, um, lightweight awkwardness. SNSM’s politics are still very
O D___problematic, though Colin Gardner’s book on Karel Reisz offers a good theoretically-informed explanation

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O D___OK, Riodrome is back on the road. I’ve added several new lists, mainly Hollywood melodrama, French New Wave & noir films.
O D___Most of these are still quite short but the Breathless & Red Riding lists are fairly, um, extensive. Breathless was the first foreign
O D___film I ever taught, relying on just one book. I’ve also added some more of the readings etc from my BIrkbeck MA modules

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OK, I’m starting this blog again. It’s just a diary, really.
O D___At this point, I would have also liked to mention something about ‘slow blogging” -as advocated by, for example the Conviction &
O D___Tortoise Knows Best blogs & the Slow Blog Manifesto. Unfortunately, the slowness they’re talking about is a deliberately adopted
O D___philosophical position, along the lines of Slow Cinema, Slow Criticism & slow cooking, rather than just the procrastination likely here