O D___pasted-graphic

O mauve-2___200 examples, with commentary, analysis & interviews etc

O D___Collections
O D___YouTube
O D___The Art of the Title Sequence
O D___Forget the Film, Watch the Titles
O D___Title Design Project
O D___The Movie Title Stills Collection
O D___Movie Title Screens Page
O D___Film Screen 25 Most Memorable openings
O D___Scanners Opening Shots Project
O D___Brief History of Title Design -compilation video
O D___The Film Before the Film -Analysis compilation by Berlin students on Vimeo

O D___Analysis
O D___Good article in Smashing Magazine on the history of title sequence design, with loads of examples etc
O D___Good article on US School Video News website, with examples & links
O D___Brief analysis of the opening of Sunset Boulevard, The Godfather & The Shining from POV journal
O D___Brief analysis of the opening of Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil & Othello, all by Orson Welles, from POV journal
O D___Series of video commentaries on the openings of David Fincher’s films, on US Museum of the Moving Image website
O D___Very long & detailed analysis of film noir openings from Offscreen journal
O D___Article on city scenes in 1920s-60s title sequences, from Design & Culture journal
O D___MA Dissertation on title sequences 1955-65, on Typotheque website

O D___Opening Sequence of Seven & Designer Kyle Cooper
O D___"A good title sequence makes you thrilled to be in this cinema at this moment, getting ready to see this movie.
O D___It makes you glad that you are nowhere else in the world except where you are" Kyle Cooper
O D___Good quality video of Seven opening sequence on Art of the Title Sequence website
O D___Video & good notes on Forget the Film, Watch the Titles website
O D___Video & brief notes on Antypography website
O D___Video with audio commentary on Deep Focus website
O D___Short extract from book on The Changing Face of Evil in Film & TV
O D___Article about designer Kyle Cooper from Wired magazine
O D___Interview with Kyle Cooper on Thunder Chunky website
O D___Video of interview with Kyle Cooper on D&AD blog
O D___Website of Prologue, Kyle Cooper’s current company,
O D___with videos, showreel, stills & notes on title sequences they’ve made

O D___Hitchcock Openings & Designer Saul Bass
O D___Saul Bass openings collected on YouTube
O D___Unusual selection of openings on Fredrik on Film blog
O D___Section of Not Coming to a Cinema Near You website about Saul Bass,
O D___including clickable examples of 24 titles he designed, notes etc
O D___Section of The Movie Title Stills Collection about Saul Bass, with examples, notes & quotes etc
O D___Saul Bass TV: intricately designed fan website, with lists, notes & links etc
O D___Note about his typography, with downloadable fonts, on Typographica website
O D___Psycho stills from Not Coming to a Theatre Near You website
O D___Psycho & remake briefly discussed on Continuity blog
O D___Vertigo on ATS website
O D___Vertigo section of MA Dissertation on Typotheque website
O D___Vertigo stills from Titles By Saul Bass feature on Not Coming to a Theatre Near You website
O D___Vertigo Powerpoint from Long Road College Cambridge, on Slideshare website
O D___Vertigo essay from Long Road College Cambridge on Slideshare website

O D___AS MS Coursework Production Instructions & Examples
O D___Very helpful Ideas & advice from examiner Pete Fraser, from his Pete’s Media Blog
O D___Notes from a one-day course for AS students, also from Pete’s Media Blog
O D___West Hatch School Media Studies blog page on opening sequences
O D___Thorough & theorised Powerpoint on six horror film openings by AS MS student
O D___(There are dozens more AS MS student Powerpoints, of varying quality, on Scribd & Slideshare etc)