O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___The Definitive Guide to Auteurism: Old lesson notes. Still think they’re OK
O D___How to Spot an Auteur: More lesson-notes, a check-list of auteurist tendencies
O D___A2 FS Exam Essay Plan: Essay-plan version of the Definitive Guide above. Far too much for an exam essay, really.
O D___Example A2 FS Exam Essay: It got an A. Students wrote very similar essays every year, just using different examples

O D___Jokey article from Total Film, with examples of arrogant auteurs
O D___Discussion of basic ideas from beginner’s book on FS, with handy examples from Seven
O D___Readable explanation from FS trextbook, with Hitchcock as example
O D___Clear explanation of auteur theory & related points about modern Hollywood from FS textbook
O D___Commonsense discussion from traditional US textbook
O D___Discussion from another US textbook
O D___Brief notes on three ideas of authorship, from classic US textbook
O D___Brief discussion of auteur theory from good Australian textbook
O D___Brief discussion from degree-level MS textbook
O D___Introduction from whole book arguing against auteurism
O D___with Blade Runner & Titanic as examples of films not really made just by auteur directors
O D___Very clearly explained section on authorship from AL English Lit textbook
O D___Patrick Phillips: Genre, Star & Auteur from Jill Nelmes ed: An Introduction to Film Studies
O D___Extended discussion by AL FS Chief examiner, covering auteur theory & its weaknesses, modern Hollywood,
O D___the role of studio & star & audience, & how to analyse an auteur’s films, with Martin Scorsese as an example
O D___Chapter from 4th edition of this textbook, replacing Patrick Phillips’ chapter in previous editions
O D___Sophisticated ideas on authorship in general, especially in modern Hollywood, but a bit fussy
O D___Complete chapter from which this extract was taken, dealing with genre & stars as well
O D___Extended discussion from AL FS textbook, covering historical background,
O D___role of actor, producer, writer etc, with Performance & Blade Runner as examples of auteur’s limited power
O D___Shrewd, snappy & up-to-date discussion from degree-level textbook, covering authorship in general,
O D___auteur theory, gender & politics, Hitchcock as an example auteur, & auteurism in modern Hollywood. My favourite
O D___Detailed account of the development of auteurism, from respected US film theory textbook
O D___Detailed discussion of auteur theory & subsequent thinking from FS anthology
O D___Difficult advanced discussion of auteur theory & subsequent thinking from FS theory book
O D___Discussion critical of the whole idea of auteurism from book on key concepts
O D___Martin Scorsese on being an auteur, from book with chapters by 20 famous directors
O D___Advice for aspiring auteurs from book on filmmaking, difficult theoretical & political arguments but absolutely correct