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O D___History
O D___Photo archives -Daily Kos
O D___More photos
O D___Newspaper cuttings
O D___Harlan Coal Strike 1973-74 website -photos & documents
O D___US National Archives Documerica -American miners 300 photos 1971-7
O D___Southern Spaces website -Coalfield Generations photo essay 2008
O D___Interview from Southern Oral History Program
O D___Zerowork 1971
O D___Workers Vanguard 1974
O D___Atlantic Monthly 1974
O D___Chicago Tribune 1974
O D___Global Non-Violent Action Database
O D___They Say in Harlan County -book chapter
O D___Labor & Working Class History Assn newsletter
O D___Middlebury College Vermont -Powerpoint & notes
O D___Kentucky University MA on social capital & union miners
O D___Which Side Are You On -Stony Brook University conference paper on the song
O D___Keep Your Eyes Upon the Scale -Wales/Appalachia exchange on Southern Spaces website
O D___Journal for Multimedia History -Field trip to Harlan County aural essay 1999
O D___Kentucky University archives website on 1931-32 Harlan Miners Strike
O D___Daily Kos -2 Part archive photos history of UMWA

O D___Barbara Kopple Interviews
O D___Jump Cut 1977
O D___Radical America 1977
O D___Positif 1977 -in BK Interviews book
O D___Cineaste 1977 -in BK Interviews book
O D___Cineaste 1991
O D___Bomb magazine 1992
O D___Documentary Filmmakers Speak book 2002
O D___Roger Ebert 2006
O D___Stop Smiling magazine 2008 -in BK Interviews book
O D___IDA Documentary Magazine 2011
O D___The Matinee 2014
O D___Make Art History 2015
O D___Montclair Film Festival -6 part video 2015

O D___Reviews & Review Articles
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert 1976
O D___Jump Cut -Peter Biskind 1977
O D___Jump Cut -E Ann Kaplan 1977
O D___Harvard Crimson 1977
O D___New Yorker -Pauline Kael 1977
O D___New York Times 1978
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O D___Ferdy on Films
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O D___Sophie Mayers Top 10

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O D___Beyond Document book
O D___Looking at Movies textbook -1 paragraph
O D___Excavatio -women in Germinal, Matewan & HC
O D___Historical Geography -representations of Appalachia -2 paragraphs
O D___Criterion DVD & website
O D___MoMA program Notes -Library of Congress archive

O D___People Studying
O D___College Now Film Festival NY 2007 worksheet
O D___City Honors School NY IB Film class blog 2016
O D___Oregon University MA Journalism class blog
O D___North Texas University essay
O D___North Carolina University essay
O D___East Tennessee University essay
O D___Analysis Prezi
O D___Bowling Green State University PhD -John Dewey & documentary -1 page on HC
O D___Queensland University PhD -Marxist theory & documentary -chapter in HC
O D___Media Praxis teachers blog

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O D___The Militant -Utah screening 2005
O D___Bristol Hazards Group screening 2016

O D___Harlan County War 2000
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O D___Freedom Socialist review