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Pasted Graphic
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O D___Script at IMSDb
O D___Script at The Weekly Script
O D___Step Outline

O D___Basic
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Detailed summary & commentary from FilmSite
O D___Long detailed commentary from scriptwriting website
O D___Basic English Lit type analysis from website for US Textbook Looking at Movies

O D___Production Process Remembered
O D___Roman Polanski interview from Penthouse magazine 1974
O D___Article about Jack Nicholson from Time magazine 1974
O D___Behind the scenes article from Neon magazine
O D___Little article about 2004 production team reunion from The Guardian

O D___Original 1970s Reviews & Discussion
O D___Original 1970s reviews
O D___Two articles & angry reader’s letter from radical film journal Jump Cut 1974
O D___Cinema Texas Program Notes: Analysis for screening at Texas university 1978
O D___Chinatown & Generic Transformation: Famous 1978 essay on neo-noir by John G Cawelti

O D___Short Reviews
O D___Roger Ebert in Chicago Sun-Times 2000
O D___New York Times 1999
O D___Village Voice magazine 2003
O D___Film Reference website
O D___Salon.com website
O D___Film Noir Net website
O D___Noir of the Week website
O D___Film School Rejects website
O D___Pick Up Flix website
O D___Reassurance blog
O D___Ozu’s World website

O D___More Advanced Analysis & Discussion
O D___Chapter fromGood Scripts Bad Scripts book, explaining why it’s a good one
O D___Politics, Perception & History: Long essay from European Journal of American Studies
O D___Double Chinatown: Long, difficult essay from Rouge online journal
O D___Chatty discussion from blog called This Blog Sits at the Intersection of Anthropology & Economics
O D___Brief analysis, nicely illustrated, from Precious Bodily Fluids blog
O D___Discussion of the ending from Reverse Shot website
O D___Article from Picturing Justice, law & media website
O D___Chinatown section from Portsmouth university BA Student’s dissertation
O D___Little video by Jim Emerson about frames & lenses, doors & windows in the film, on Vimeo