O D___

O dk-red-___Last Resort
O dk-red--2___It’s a Free World
O dk-red--3___Dirty Pretty Things
O dk-red--3___Yasmin
O dk-red--3___A Way of Life
O dk-red--3___Britz
O dk-red--3___Four Lions

O D___AS FS Exam: Last Resort & It’s a Free World
O D___Revision booklet 2012
O D___Exam questions 2008-12, more questions, mark-schemes
O D___Essay plan
O D___Things to get clear
O D___Quotes
O D___
O D___
Other Schools & Colleges
O D___Various different films & variable quality, but some useful ideas
O D___Powerpoint from Basingstoke college, shared at BFI teachers conference 2011
O D___Heath Park school Wolverhampton AL FS blog, scroll down for relevant posts
O D___Benton Park School Leeds AL FS blog, class discussion
O D___Someone else’s AS FS handouts -lost the source, sorry
O D___Ashbourne College Kent AL FS blog, just some YouTube videos
O D___Harlow College blog, one post & link to a keen student’s work

O D___Example Essays
O D___Variable quality, use with care
O D___Exam practice essay -Tom
O D___Exam practice essay -Harry
O D___Exam Practice essay -Ellie
O D___Exam practice essay -Craig
O D___May 2010 exam essay -31 out of 40 -Rhys
O D___May 2010 exam essay -29 out of 40 -Elliot