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O D___Titanic Universe website
O D___James Cameron Online website
O D___My Thoughts on Titanic website

O D___Script on IMSDb website
O D___Script on Screenplays for You website
O D___Jokey shortened version of script
O D___Big collection of photos & stills in Christa’s Titanic Gallery
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O D___Slant Magazine review
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O D___Essay on representation of gender from Australian Humanities Review
O D___Blog essay by US student doing Politics of Popular Culture course
O D___Chapter about emotional responses from Moving Viewers by Carl Plantinga
O D___Difficult extract on audience response from book on cinephilia
O D___The Titanic in Myth & Memory book, read some of it here on Google Books
O D___Heavy essay from Critical Enquiry journal, maybe worth an inter-library loan request