O D___Pasted Graphic 1

O orange-arrow-2___Outlaw Couple Films

O D___Production etc
O D___Script 2nd Draft
O D___Final Shooting Script
O D___Writers Guid Foundation blog -brief comments on script
O D___Vanity Fair -long article on production process
O D___DVD booklet
O D___Salon -on Ridley Scotts DVD commentary

O D___Callie Khourie Interviews
O D___Empire 1991
O D___NPR 2011
O D___Syd Field website 2013
O D___Dazed 2016

O D___1991 Reviews & Discussion
O D___Janet Maslin NY Times
O D___Linda Lopez McAlister
O D___Roger Ebert -Chicago Sun-Times
O D___Cynthia Fuchs -Philadelphia City Paper
O D___Jim Emerson
O D___Newsweek
O D___New York magazine
O D___Alt Orange
O D___Empire review
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Cineaste -5 contributors
O D___Film Quarterly -8 contributors
O D___Empire -two MPs & a teen magazine editor

O D___Retrospectives
O D___Total Film -actors careers after T&L
O D___Slant 2003
O D___New York Times 2007
O D___Gender Goggles 2008
O D___New York Times 2011
O D___Slate 2011
O D___The Niles Files 2011
O D___The Awl 2013
O D___Feminema 2013
O D___Bitch Flicks 2013
O D___Balder & Dash 2016
O D___National Catholic Reporter 2016
O D___Paste Magazine 2016
O D___Catching Sight of T&L -website for tribute documentary

O D___Journals etc
O D___University Film & Video Assn Philadelphia Conference Paper 1993
O D___New England Popular Culture Assn Massachusetts Conference Paper 1995
O D___Literature/Film Quarterly 1995
O D___Journal of Popular Culture 1995
O D___Film Criticism 1993
O D___Film Criticism 2003
O D___Western American Lit -Bearer of the Gaze 1993
O D___Womens Studies in Communication -Appropriation of the Male Gaze 2000
O D___Americana
O D___American Studies Journal
O D___Reden -Spanish Journal of American Studies1996
O D___Atlantis -Journal of the Spanish Assn for Anglo-American Studies
O D___Chang Gung Journal of Humanities & Social Science Taiwan
O D___Scope -Reception of T&L & The Accused
O D___Cleo -Anachronistic Geography
O D___Communication & Critical Cultural Studies -Rebel Citizenship
O D___International Journal of Jungian Studies
O D___Loyola LA Law Review
O D___Oklahoma City University Law Review
O D___Screentakes -screenplay analysis
O D___Film International -half-page on genre
O D___Slavoj Zizek -3 lines on the ending

O D___Two Complete Books
O D___T&L -BFI Modern Classics
O D___T&L Live: The Cuiltural Aftermath of an American Classic

O D___Book Extracts
O D___Film Footage
O D___50 Key American Films & Routledge Encyclopedia of Films
O D___Pocket Essential Ridley Scott
O D___Ridley Scott Critical Filmography
O D___World Cinema Through Global Genres
O D___American Movies & their Cultural Antecedents
O D___American Cinema of the 1990s
O D___Hollywoods America
O D___From Fidelity to History
O D___Action & Adventure Cinema -half-page on genre
O D___Cartographic Cinema
O D___Figure of the Road
O D___Driving Visions
O D___Lost Highways
O D___Detours & Lost Highways
O D___Gender, Genre & Identity in Women’s Travel Writing
O D___Gender & Culture in Lit & Film East & West
O D___Feminist Film Studies
O D___Feminist Film Studies Teachers Guide
O D___Reel Knockouts -BLM
O D___Reel Knockouts -TV
O D___Spectacular Bodies
O D___Fatal Women
O D___Transgressing Women
O D___In the Company of Women
O D___Friendship Fictions
O D___High Contrast
O D___After Identity
O D___Voices on the Threshold
O D___Criminology Goes to The Movies
O D___Framed -Women in Law & Film
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O D___Reinventing Film Studies

O D___Teachers at Work
O D___Bridgwater College booklet 2007
O D___Media Education Journal Scotland
O D___Screen Education magazine Australia
O D___BFI World in the Movies Films for KS4 Citizenship -brief notes
O D___Teaching Media -AL teachers pack c2000 -notes
O D___Media Knowall -pioneering AL website -detailed questions
O D___ESL Notes -dialogue quotes translated for ESL learners
O D___South Essex College -notes on two scenes for AL Students
O D___Weling School Noodle blog -notes & questions for AL FS students
O D___Warwick University teachers Kinoeye blog -notes on crime & genre
O D___Wake Forest University North Carolina -notes & questions
O D___Minnesota State University -questions
O D___Cornell University -essay questions (& demolition)
O D___Colorado University -questions
O D___Harvard University -readings & questions on T&L & Lorena Bobbit
O D___Notre Dame College New Jersey -readings & essay instructions
O D___University of North Carolina -nice website on T&L, Bonnie & Clyde & True Romance
O D___Northern Illinois University Dept of Political Science -tightly-packed Powerpoint
O D___Arizona University -Powerpoint & lecture recording
O D___Women in Film Discussion Group Cleveland -detailed questions
O D___Screenwright -3 Act Paradigm
O D___Elements of Cinema -Scriptwriting website
O D___Matthew Sansom Website -lesson notes on music in T&L

O D___Students at Work
O D___AS FS coursework analysis essay
O D___AS FS exam revision Powerpoint on T&L & Butch Cassidy
O D___Benton Pk School Leeds -teachers notes & AL FS student essay on T&L & genre
O D___Short AS MS essay on the opening
O D___Oskaloosa High School Kansas -Powerpoint on T&L & Lord of the Rings & narrative theory
O D___Someones scriptwriting analysis notes
O D___Femmes in Film blog project
O D___Powerpoint on T&L & The Awakening & feminist theory
O D___Prezi on Transcending Heteronormativity in T&L
O D___Prezi on male violence in T&L
O D___Prezi on T&L & madness
O D___Physics Forums -little essay shared for some reason on Physics students site
O D___US students detailed analysis of the opening, on her One Movie Blog
O D___Queen Margarets University Edinburgh -Film & Media BA essay
O D___College of San Mateo California -Lit BA essay
O D___Kings College Pennsylvania -Lit BA essay
O D___Indiana University Blair -Film BA essay
O D___Indiana University Katie -Film BA Essay
O D___Washington University? -BA students research blog
O D___Columbia University -BA Womens Studies essay on T&L & male gaze
O D___Missouri University -BA Media Communication essay on T&L & male gaze
O D___Natal University South Africa -long theory essay on male gaze, with brief refs to T&L
O D___Valparaiso University Indiana -BA essay on T&L & The Awakening
O D___Santa Barbara City College California film reviews blog -long essay
O D___US university students essay on conservatism in T&L & 2 other films
O D___US university students essay on frontier narrative in T&L & 2 other films
O D___US university students summary of the 1991 Cineaste reviews
O D___Marymont University Virginia -Lit BA class blog mini-essays & discussion
O D___Queensland University students essay on T&L & melodrama
O D___Malaysian university students BA Film blog notes
O D___Amherst College Massachusettts -Girlpower Reading Popular Culture MA class blog
O D___Texas University Lit MA -T&L &, um, the Pursuit of the Oceanic
O D___Simon Fraser University Canada MA -very good chapter on T&L & critical strategies
O D___McGill University Montreal Canada MA- chapter on T&L, road movies & Identity
O D___Masaryk University Czech Republic MA -introduction & chapter on T&L & US road movies

O D___& Finally
O D___Mary Beth Edelson -T&L fabric paintings
O D___Design Sponge -T&L fashion accessories
O D___Reddit Fan Theories -Thelma just imagined Louise