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O D___Basics
O D___Whole film streamed on Novamov website
O D___Script at IMSDb
O D___Script at Coenbrothers.net
O D___Wikipedia
O D___IMDb

O D___Reviews
O D___Review from US magazine Cineaste
O D___Review from Irish magazine Film West
O D___Hostile review from National Review magazine
O D___Earnest review from Passion for Cinema website, & reader’s response completely disagreeing with it
O D___Enthusiastic review from Wonders in the Dark blog, also with interesting responses from readers
O D___Enthusiastic review from Weird Professor Type blog
O D___Short review from Film School Rejects blog
O D___Minnesotan review from Slant Magazine website

O D___Analysis & Dscussion
O D___Long detailed commentary from Filmsite website
O D___Very detailed commentary notes from US Teaching Film Study website
O D___Commentary from Coen brothers book
O D___Long chapter from another book on Coen Bros, interesting, useful & easy to read
O D___Analysis of opening sequence from Netribution website, arguing that it follows standard scriptwriting conventions
O D___Chapter from Me & You & Memento & Fargo book, arguing that Fargo breaks traditional scriptwriting conventions
O D___Chapter from scriptwriting book, arguing that it’s a good one
O D___Chapter on the Coen Brothers from book on contemporary directors
O D___Article from The Film Journal about the use of dialogue in Coen brothers films
O D___Short article from Ohio university journal The Projector, discussing Fargo as a “revisionist neo-noir” film
O D___Chapter from book on women in noir films
O D___Short survey of small town noir films, including Fargo, Blood Simple & Gun Crazy, on IFC website
O D___Article from Bright Lights Film Journal comparing Fargo & The Shining
O D___Christian interpretation of Fargo as a Biblical morality play from Journal of Religion & Film
O D___Essay by Dr Harvey Roy Greenberg, psychoanalyst, Prairie Home Death Trip
O D___Chapter from book on postmodernism & film
O D___Detailed analysis & discussion from book of essays on Fargo
O D___Theoretical essay on “disorderly bodies”, from the same book
O D___Little observation on Mike Yanagita from Kinosaur blog
O D___Interview with the Coen brothers from French film journal Positif 1996
O D___Story from The Guardian about a Japanese woman looking for money buried in the film
O D___Review essay by US university student
O D___Notes on mise-en-scene by Southampton college student on her AL FS blog