O D___Olympics

O D___Discussion-type questions on the ceremony, postmodernism & Olympia

O D___Media pack brochure for journalists etc written by Frank Cottrell Boyce
O D___Danny Boyle’s programme notes
O D___Watched by 900 million viewers, reports The Independent

O D___Making Of
O D___Frank Cottrell Boyce interview in Liverpool Echo
O D___Article by Frank Cottrell Boyce in the Observer
O D___Interview with music director Rick Smith in the Guardian
O D___Behind the scenes article from the Observer

O D___Overview
O D___Wikipedia. Encyclopaedic detail, includes all you need, really
O D___Very detailed Oxford Companion to the Opening Ceremony, with links to references, on OUP blog
O D___Detailed section-by-section commentary from Culture & the Olympics journal

O D___Education
O D___Reviews by Roy Stafford, Julian McDougall & others in Scottish Media Education Journal
O D___Brief notes for students by Roy Stafford on Media Students Book blog
O D___Tips for Sociology teachers on Sociological Cinema blog
O D___See also Michael R Real’s textbook at the bottom of this list

O D___Illuminations
O D___Ten interesting online discussions summarised on Illuminations website &
O D___Ten more. I’ve listed most of these separately below

O D___Guardian
O D___Zoe Williams
O D___Marina Hyde
O D___Owen Gibson
O D___Tristram Hunt
O D___Polly Toynbee
O D___Richard Williams
O D___Charlotte Higgins
O D___Suzanne Moore
O D___Observer reviews
O D___Observer editorial
O D___Similarly obsessive & repetitive celebratory reporting
O D___in all the national newspapers, in print & online

O D___US Newspapers & Magazines
O D___LA Times
O D___Washington Post
O D___New York Times
O D___New Yorker
O D___The Atlantic
O D___Vanity Fair Serious
O D___Vanity Fair Funny

O D___Right-Wing Backlash
O D___Daily Mail -Stephen Glover
O D___Daily Mail -NHS story
O D___Gates of Vienna blog
O D___This Is Cornwall -local newspapers readers forum
O D___10 Silliest tweets collected on Liberal Conspiracy blog
O D___Daily Telegraph -Andrew Gilligan
O D___Daily Telegraph article on how Boris Johnson is the only politician
O D___who understands Opening Ceremony-type postmodernism
O D___Right wing reaction to left-wing celebration in The Spectator

O D___Left-Wing Celebration & Debate
O D___Illuminations website -Paul Tickell
O D___Read My Day, blog by Paul Flynn MP
O D___Guardian -Paul Flynn MP & others
O D___Guardian -Polly Toynbee
O D___World Socialist Web Site
O D___Socialist Unity
O D___Labour Left
O D___Madam Miaow blog
O D___Steve Walker blog
O D___Steve Sarson blog
O D___Catherine Baker blog

O D___Specialist Topics
O D___Lord of the Rings comparison meme
O D___Music -Playlist on Daily Telegraph website
O D___Music -Ageing punk website Louder Than War
O D___Music -OUP blog
O D___Film & TV refs -Den of Geek blog
O D___Drug references -Cognitive Liberty blog
O D___Medieval references -OUP blog
O D___The Tempest -USA Today
O D___The Tempest -Quite Irregular blog
O D___The Tempest etc -Pages & Lights blog
O D___The Queen & James Bond -Mediascape journal
O D___NHS tribute -Storify collection of Twitter reactions etc

O D___Humphrey Jennings
O D___New York Times 1985 review of Pandemonium
O D___Guardian review of hastily reissued Pandemonium Oct 2012
O D___Luke KcKernan, resident geek, on British Library blog
O D___Luke McKernan on his own blog
O D___Thats How the Light Gets In blog
O D___Reading of short extract on Audioboo website
O D___Edge Hill university professors lecture on YouTube

O D___Open Democracy
O D___There are 25 articles on the Olympics, some reprinted from elsewhere,
O D___in the Great British Summer section of the Open Democracy website
O D___including these on the opening ceremony
O D___Rachel Jolley: Britain’s Green & Pleasant Lands
O D___Patrick Wright: Isles of Wonder
O D___Anthony Barnett: Confronting Corporate Values
O D___Aaron Peters: Britishness & the Crisis of Identity
O D___Sunder Katwala: An Island Story
O D___Amal de Chickera: An Opportunity Missed
O D___Phil Cohen: Culture & Kitsch
O D___Selina O’Grady: Gigantism

O D___Olympics edition of Cardiff University journalism, media & cultural studies journal
O D___9 articles on Olympics & media topics, including these two on the opening
O D___Gill Branston: Spectacle, Dominance & London 2012
O D___David Rowe: Opening Ceremonies & Closing Narratives

O D___Culture at the Olympics
O D___2012 edition of this journal, with 8 articles, all involving media topics, including
O D___Detailed section-by-section commentary on opening ceremony

O D___Journal of Popular Television
O D___Free inaugural issue of new journal, with 6 articles on TV & the London Olympics, including
O D___Anita Biressi & Heather Nunn: History Answers Back -analysis & austerity context
O D___Brett Mills: A Live Film -not treated as television

O D___Communication & Sport
O D___Free inaugural issue of new journal, with 20 articles on sport & media etc
O D___but it was published in June 2012, so only this one is relevant
O D___Chatty theoretical article by Michael R Real on spectacle & mega-events

O D___More Theoretical Discussion etc
O D___Very good Prezi on theatre & politics, probably by university student
O D___Descriptive analysis on Catholic blog Tradition in Action
O D___Long article on The Pastoral Myth on Maisonneuve website
O D___Short well-illustrated article on media technology on Space Druid blog
O D___Review on Warwick University teachers Semiotico blog &
O D___Semiotic analysis of soft-power techniques on Semiotico blog
O D___Article on narratives of nation in the opening ceremony from Media Culture & Society journal 2015
O D___Article about soft power from Turkish Centre for Strategic Studies website
O D___Sociologists conference paper on Olympics as mega-events & how they’ve been theorised
O D___There’s masses of sociology & social policy writing on mega-events, all similar to this
O D___Comparison with Beijing Olympics opening ceremony on Flow website
O D___Article on the the Queen, James Bond & the Pop Culture Nation on UCLA Mediascape journal blog
O D___Article about patriotism & pride by Kenan Malick on his Pandemonium blog
O D___Article about patriotism on Sheffield University student’s Passing Time blog, with links to similar articles elsewhere
O D___Short article on razzmataz & political recuperation on Cultural Snow blog
O D___Short article on spectacle & pastiche on psychoanalyst’s Touching The Real blog
O D___Short article on the Olympics as a Baudrillardian non-event on sports sociologists Rabbit Hole blog
O D___Short extract (p 372-4) on Baudrillard, signs & the Olympics from 1998 book on postmodern sport
O D___Fabulously obscure high theory essay on 2010 Vancouver Olympics opening, on Sports Babel blog
O D___Chapter on nostalgia & pastiche in Olympic Ceremonialism & National Character book 2016

O D___Michael R Real
O D___Veteran US Media & cultural studies teacher, specialising in sport
O D___Long serious article on modernism & postmodernism & the Olympics from Quest journal 1996
O D___Postmodernism chapter from his quite readable Exploring Media Culture textbook 1996
O D___incorporating main points on the Olympics from his Quest article, plus analysis of other postmodern media
O D___Chatty theoretical article on spectacle & mega-events from Communication & Sports journal 2012

O D___Phil Cohen
O D___Phil Cohen is an East End specialist, with a new book, published April 2013, on the Olympics & London
O D___Parts of this & his other books & loads of other related things are on his website -some examples listed below
O D___Most of it isn’t directly directly concerned with the opening ceremony, but everything he does is very good
O D___Screenplay for an alternative opening ceremony
O D___Outline for a university course on London & the Olympics
O D___The Cultural Olympiad -Olympic-related arts events- compared with the opening ceremony
O D___Essay on Culture & Kitsch & the Ceremony published on Free Word & Open Democracy websites

O D___1948 London Olympics
O D___Photos of 1948 London Olympics & 1948 venues now by Reuters photographer
O D___1948 comparison section of Australian Olympics website for students, with good handouts & teachers notes etc

O D___And Finally
O D___Boris Johnson’s Olympic Welcome, by Cassetteboy, on YouTube
O D___Alan at the Olympics -from old Alan Partridge radio programme, on YouTube

O D___Compare
O black-arrow __Olympia 1936

O D___