O D___RF t

O D___Syllabus

O D___Week 1
O blue-arrow___All I Desire
O blue-arrow___Bigger Than Life
O D___Rebel Without a Cause
O D___Week 1 Handout
O D___Melodrama section from The Cinema Book ed Pam Cook

O D___Week 2
O D___Summer Hours
O D___Week 2 Handout
O D___Pierre Bourdieu: On the Family as a Realised Category from Theory Culture & Society
O D___Jean-Michel Frodon: Family Politics from Cahiers du Cinema

O D___Week 3-4
O blue-arrow___Regarde La Mer & La Petite Mort
O D___Week 3-4 handout
O D___Freud: Family Romances
O D___Andrew Asibong: Francois Ozon

O D___Week 5-6
O blue-arrow___Kings & Queen
O D___Week 5-6 handout

O D___Week 7
O blue-arrow___Time of the Wolf
O D___Week 7 handout
O D___Peter Brunette: Michael Haneke
O D___Roy Grundmann ed: Companion to Michael Haneke
O D___Brian Price & John David Rhodes: On Michael Haneke
O D___Scott Loren & Jorg Metelmann: Irritation of Life

O D___Week 8-9
O blue-arrow___I Can’t Sleep
O D___Martine Beugnet: Claire Denis
O D___Corinne Oster: Claire Denis ICS Kinoeye
O D___Douglas Morrey ed: Claire Denis & Jean-Luc Nancy Film Philosophy
O D___Leo Bersani & Ulysse Dutoit: Introduction from Forms of Being

O D___General
O D___Leo Bersani & Ulysse Dutoit: Forms of Being
O D___Phil Powrie: French Cinema in the 1990s
O D___Daniela Berghahn: Far-Flung Families
O D___Janet Carsten: After Kinship
O D___Deborah Chambers: Representing the Family
O D___Christine Gledhill ed: Home is Where the Heart Is
O D___Annette Kuhn: Family Secrets
O D___Murray Pomerance: A Family Affair
O D___Patricia Pisters & Wim Staat ed: Shooting the Family
O D___Tony Williams: Hearths of Darkness
O D___Pierre Bourdieu: Forms of Capital